{Five} Favorite Moments This Week

Friday, February 27, 2015

Wyatt and Stella's first SNOW DAY was Wednesday! Wyatt loved it...at first. By the fourth time he was kinda over it. But he did enjoy sitting on the big snowball that daddy made. We had intentions of making a huge snowman.
Wyatt loves daddy's trains. They were gifts from his grandfather and father when he was little. I love that he's able to share this with Wyatt, and one day pass them on to him.
This big boy turned 22 MONTHS old yesterday! Where has the time gone?? The picture on the left was a year ago, he was 10 months old. Can't believe it's time to start planning his 2nd birthday party.
 I took these pictures the other night during bath time. My plan is to do a gallery wall in the bathroom of Wyatt and Stella in the bath. I love how much his personality comes out in the bath.  

Tuesday I shared these TIPS for flying with a baby, not that I'm an expert or anything. Check them out if flying is in your near future. They should help out a little.
I'm looking forward to a fabulous weekend! Sean and I are actually going to attempt going out all by ourselves for the first time since Stella has been born. I. CAN'T. WAIT. Hope y'all have a great weekend. And as always I'm linking up with:



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22 Months!!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

I can't believe that in 2 short months you will be 2 years old!! It seems like you were born just last week. You are becoming such a little boy, not a baby anymore. Although, you'll always be my baby boy. You're sissy loves you so much! She lights up when she sees or hears you. You are so independent at times but you definitely love to take us to your room to play, especially your daddy. We love you so much, Wyatt!!
What you did this month:
  • You weigh 28 pounds and are 35 1/4 inches tall.
  • You are wearing size 6 diapers.
  • You wear size 24M/2T in pants and 24M/2T in shirts. You actually have a couple 3T tops that you've been wearing too.
  • Your favorite foods right now are bread, waffles, apple sauce, fruit (peaches, oranges, strawberries), bbq sauce with chicken, fish, and cookies.
  • You usually wake up between 7:30 & 8, take a nap around one for about 2.5 hours, and go down at night around 8.
  • You can say "mou" (which could be more, music, Mickey Mouse, Mimi, movie, basically all of his favorite things start with 'm'), "where'ditgo" (Where'd it go?), "do" (go), "dat" (that or cat), "jew" (juice), "no", uh-oh, "what'sat?" (what's that), "dow" (down),  "yeth"/"ya" (yes), "where did dey do?" (Where did they go?), "det do" (let's go), "no'kyou" (no thank you), "go, go" (Paw Patrol), "wee, weeeee"(mainly used when playing with cars/trucks),
  • You usually point to whatever you want but we're really trying to get you to say what you want.
  • 18 teeth
  • You still really enjoy Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You've become quite the fan of Paw Patrol.
  • You can point to your nose, mouth, eyes, ears, bellybutton, hair, feet, and hands on command.
  • The only animal sound you will do is an elephant.
  • You celebrated Valentine's Day at your school party. You loved everything about it, especially the cookies. You didn't want to leave.
  • You and daddy got to enjoy 2.5 days without mama and sissy. We went to Miami for April's wedding.
  • You are getting really good at putting on your own clothes. You can put pajama pants and socks on. You also love to wear your hat...and it's usually crooked.
  • You would live outside if we let you.
  • You love your daddy and want him to be with you everywhere.
  • You are obsessed with daddy's trains. I'm so glad you and your daddy can share in that together.
  • You're new best friend, Cary Beth, came to visit and play with you this month.
  • You had your first experience with snow, just yesterday! You loved it!
  • You love your daddy's big trains. You make him turn them on for you almost every single night. Good thing mama doesn't know how to do that.

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It's the Little Things | A Snow Day

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Living in Southern Arkansas, we don't see snow very often. Actually, I don't think it's snowed in about 4 years, at least. So when talk of snow started swirling around, everyone started getting so excited.
 I was especially excited since neither of my babes have ever experienced snow. Obviously, I was a little more excited about Wyatt's first experience but Stella didn't mind it either.
 Just before nap time we went out three different times. I was so paranoid that Wyatt was going to get too cold so we only stayed out about 30 minutes at a time. Stella was only awake one of the times we went out so she joined us just for a minute.

  Wyatt loved the snow, when I could get him out in it. Just getting him dressed was a whole new experience. I made him wear a shirt, pullover, jacket, coat, hat, gloves, 2 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of socks, and shoes. Surprisingly he was pretty willing to actually put all that on.
  His absolute favorite thing to do in the snow was eat it. That's really all he wanted to do. He did thoroughly enjoy it when I threw snow at him, he would just sit and laugh. I also built a snowman for him but I really think he could've cared less. Probably because it wasn't a very good one. That takes a special skill.

Unfortunately daddy had to go to work today but we're hoping he'll be home after naps and they can go out and play too.
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Tuesday Talk | Tips for Flying with a Baby

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

ONE | Fill the Diaper Bag with Essentials
I made sure I packed that thing with everything but the kitchen sink. These are just a few of the key things to make sure you have.
-Diapers (no less than 6)
-Wipes (brand new bag)
-Change of clothes (or 2)
-Nursing cover
-Extra blanket (airports are cold)
-Small toys
TWO | Baby Wearing
Since I was flying by myself I didn't have much of a choice, but even if Sean had come I would have worn Stella. It just allowed me to have my hands free for carrying bags. They will also let you wear the baby through security so you don't even have to worry about taking him/her out.
THREE | Gate Check
Gate checking is a life saver. The only thing I ever took on the plane was Stella's diaper bag, and her, of course. I had to take the car seat, since we had a rental car, so hauling that thing around would've been a pain. You can gate check and request that it go to your final destination, and it's free.
FOUR | Aisle Seats are a Life Saver
I don't know if you've ever tried to nurse on an airplane, but it can be difficult. With an aisle seat you at least have a little more room to maneuver, plus you don't have to worry about your babe kicking the person next to you. It's also great if you have to get up multiple times for diaper changes.
FIVE | Ask for Help
People are always willing to help, especially when it's a lady with a baby. There were people always offering to help me out. People helped me carry luggage, get through security, and maneuver through airports.
One thing I learned while flying was how tolerant people are of babies. I was completely terrified of flying with Stella because of horrible things I'd read. You so see people posting about passing out "goody" bags on airplanes to ease the pain of flying with their child. But I never felt like Stella was bothering anyone. Honestly, most people seemed more sorry for me when she cried, not themselves. And I can't tell you how many people made comments about how they'd been in my shoes or how they'd forgotten what it was like to have one so little. It was such a great experience that for a second I thought about taking Wyatt next time. Ha.

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Stella's First Flying Experience

Monday, February 23, 2015

Let me just say, God was watching out for me! Last minute our flight out of Little Rock was cancelled due to icy conditions. I ended up flying out of Shreveport, LA on Monday. We got there plenty early so Stella and I were able to get through security with no traffic. We also had plenty of time for her to eat and do a diaper change before boarding.

We arrived in Atlanta and I had no clue where I was going. The place was a madhouse. I finally got my bearings and figured out where I needed to go. Of course we had to get from Concourse D all the way to A. We pretty much ran the entire way. By the time we got there I was sweating and near tears. The flight was boarding and I hadn't had time to feed Stella or change her diaper. I was a little stressed. 

We got on board and I first noticed that my seat had extra leg room. Win! But, I was scrunched between two grown men; one had his shoes off. Ewe! I was frazzled trying to get Stella out of her carrier and my pullover off. I was still sweating and still on the verge of tears. About 5 minutes later a flight attendant came by and told one of the gentleman next to me that he'd been approved for first class. Win! So I got to move over and had plenty of room to nurse Stella and change her diaper. We landed in Miami and the warm air was so refreshing!

Wednesday it was time to head home. That morning we flew out of Fort Lauderdale. I got a little stressed on the way because traffic getting there was awful. But, we made it in plenty of time. Of course, (and I knew it would happen) Stella had a huge blow out about 20 minutes before boarding. I was definitely thankful for the extra pair of pajamas I'd packed in her diaper bag, and the janitor who gave me a bag for her dirty clothes. We got back just in time to board early; definitely a bonus when flying with kiddos.

We made it to Atlanta and this time not only did I have a longer layover (thank goodness) but I also didn't have to catch the tram to another concourse. I actually had time to sit and catch my breath, and eat. I was definitely ready to get home at this point though, and so was Stella. She had the most difficult time on the flight from Atlanta to Little Rock. I think mainly because she was tired. I was definitely thankful for the aisle seat so I had plenty of room to nurse her.

Stella did so well on her first airplane trip, I was very impressed. I'm pretty proud of myself too. This was the first time I'd ever flown by myself. And for someone who only flies about once every 5 years, this was a big deal. Although, it'll probably be a few years before it happens again; it was a lot of work.

Make sure you check back tomorrow; I'm going to share my tips for flying with an infant.

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Favorite Moments in Key Largo

Friday, February 20, 2015

If you follow me on INSTAGRAM then you already know that Stella and I were in Key Largo for part of the week at my cousin April's wedding. She and I have been very close since we were young and I wouldn't have missed her big day for the world!
{ONE | rehearsal dinner}
The rehearsal dinner was Monday evening. So as soon as we landed Stella and I got ready and headed over with Mimi and Pop. It was so exciting to finally be there and see April & Carolina! And the food wasn't too shabby either.
{TWO | lounging}
 Tuesday morning we all headed over to the venue to help do some day-of stuff. We then went back to the hotel to start getting ready, but I actually had about an hour to spend out by the pool. Crazy, I know! I actually ended up sunburned after that hour, but I enjoyed every second of it! It's not everyday you get to layout by the pool in February, amIright?
{THREE | pre-wedding}
We headed over to the venue a little early. We wanted to make sure we got some pictures before-hand. Stella was one of the honorary flower girls. Didn't she look adorable?? We also got a little sneak peek at the brides too, they were stunning.
{FOUR | ceremony}
The ceremony was perfect and beautiful. It took place right as the sun was setting and everything was glowing. April and Carolina wrote the most beautiful and heart felt vows to one another, it was very special.
{FIVE | reception}

The reception was amazing! There was dinner, dancing, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and a photo booth! Stella was pretty much the wildest person there, with all her photo bombing!



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Our Valentine's Day Weekend

Thursday, February 19, 2015

 Sean and I have never been huge Valentine's Day people. We usually buy one another a card and if we're lucky we go out to dinner. Although, this year Sean did surprise me with a little gift which was super sweet!
Friday night we had been invited to our friend RACHEL and Jacob's home for dinner, along with some of our other friends. There were actually 9 kids and 8 adults, so it was quite the party. We had such a great time catching up and watching the kids all play together. You really would've never guessed there were so many people in one house.

Friday night I also received a text from my cousin, Cary Beth, who lives just a couple hours away. We'd been trying to plan a visit and she wanted to come down. So, Saturday afternoon she came to visit us! It was so much fun! Wyatt definitely has a new best friend (watch out Mimi, ha!). He showed her all of his toys and fun games. We had such a great time eating dinner, watching a movie, and showing her around Camden. We're already looking forward to her visit in March!

Sunday afternoon I played some catch-up with laundry and finished packing for my trip to Miami for my cousin April's wedding. We had a great weekend and were surrounded with love!
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My Boy

Monday, February 16, 2015

Wyatt is at such a fun age right now. He's doing and saying new things everyday. I honestly don't know where he learned half the stuff he does; he cracks me up.
 His new thing is "falling" and then acting like he's hurt. He just lays on the ground squirming and whining like his leg hurts or something. I can't help but just laugh at him. He'll take a couple of steps and then do it again.

He loves all kinds of transportation. Cars, trucks, trains, planes, it doesn't matter; he loves them all.
When he goes to the park he spends a majority of his time wandering around. He might play on the toys for climbing purposes but the rest of the time is spent exploring.
He loves making us get into his tent with him. He zips it up and then "sleeps"; he even snores. I don't even know how he knows what snoring sounds like. It's the cutest thing though.
The boy loves showers. During his nighttime bath I've started turning the shower on and letting the tub fill up that way. It keeps him entertained for-e-ver.
Animal sounds, he only knows one, an elephant. I can't get him to make any other sounds. He does cow, but it sounds like an elephant. ha!
When Sean and I are telling him no, we tend to say no sir. He started copying us. So now it's "no sir". At least he has manners. Except when he first started saying it, we thought he was saying no shit, because that's what it actually sounds like.
We have bad cats. They tend to get on the table and other places, like the trash, where we don't want them. He's learned some of the places they're not supposed to be and he starts yelling, no, no kitty cat! Usually while shaking something at them.
When he watches "Paw Patrol" he sings "go, go, go, go..." That's actually what he calls the show. When you ask him what he wants to watch it's "go, go, go...."
He loves rocks, sand, dirt, etc. If he can lay in it and play or pile it on himself, he loves it.
He knows he's not supposed to have Lion unless he's in bed and going night, night. There are times during the day I'll find him in bed just so he can spend time with Lion. {If you don't know, Lion is his lovie that also has his pacifier on it.}
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