That One Time We Traveled to Colorado

Thursday, November 21, 2019

...the day after Christmas. 
This about sums up how the drive went...blurry and all! haha!

But in all was beautiful, cold, exhausting, fun, and an experience.
We're typically the beach-going type but decided to spice up this family vacation. We had so much fun...even though it didn't all go as planned.

We did our fair share of sledding, tubing, ice skating, eating, and just playing in snow (which we get so little of in south Arkansas). Sean and I also had an amazing snowmobiling experience; so fun! 

We definitely plan to go back...when all of our kids can walk. Wyatt was actually so confused as to why we weren't going back this year; they loved it so much! 
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A Unicorn Celebration for Stella and Claire

Monday, November 18, 2019

We celebrated our girls this weekend with a laid back, unicorn, party. 
The celebration included some of their closest friends, pizza, unicorn tattoos, cupcakes, and a pinata. 


A few "highlights":
Claire thought the pinata was so fun, and wanted to keep hitting it. 
One of the friends peed off the playhouse balcony.
Hot chocolate was a good idea...until it was spilled all over Stella and her friend. 
The pizza was devoured in about 15 minutes. 
Once we realized the pinata was not going to break easily, some of the mom's took a turn. 
Sean was the only daddy at the party...during hunting season. (See picture below.) 
Boys are rough. Period.
Stella cried...more than once.

We were supposed to celebrate our girls a couple weeks ago but had to postpone due to illness. But I think it was a wonderful success and the girls had a wonderful time! 

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Two Years of Claire Frances

Friday, November 15, 2019

Our Claire Frances,

I never expected your little life to fly by so quickly. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, you don't do many things slow. You have to be in the middle of everything and you are the first to let us know exactly what you want. But even with that, you are the sweetest little girl. And by far the most polite child we currently have (sshhh...). You truly believe your daddy hung the moon and would go anywhere with him, whether he asks or not. Your brother and sister strive to make you happy and love you so much. And I can't believe in a few short months you will be a big sister, and I know you'll be a great one. We love you, little one! 

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A Look Back on Birthday Parties

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

We had some sweet birthday celebrations this past year with family and friends. I still can't believe we will be having another party this coming weekend to celebrate our FIVE and TWO year old girls!

Just one short year ago we celebrated our two girls;
Stella turned 4 and Claire 1. We celebrated with the perfect pink and purple princess party. 

Princess dresses, cupcakes, and a pinata...what more could a girl want?!
Also, look at her cousin, and best friend, rooting her on. Love!

Our big brother turned 6 in the spring and we had a fun Spider-man bowling party. Definitely the easiest party we've ever had and so much fun!

I love that the girls are (so far) close enough that we can celebrate with one party. Hard to believe pretty soon we'll be celebrating with three parties a year!  

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Back, Back, Back...AGAIN!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

HI, everyone! 

It has officially been an entire year since I have written in this little space! I cannot promise I'm back on a consistent basis, but I definitely want to breathe a little life back into this space of mine. 

Oh, my gosh...a much has happened. We now have a 6 year old who's in 1st grade, a 5 year old who is living her best life in her last year of preschool, and an ALMOST two year old! 

OH...and I'm pregnant! 

We have traveled, celebrated birthdays and anniversaries, survived Kindergarten, and had an all-around wonderful year. 

I plan to do a little updating and sharing about the past year, but also want to focus on where our lives are now. Make sure you're following along on social media so you can keep up with new posts. And thanks for sticking around and following along with our family!

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