Stella's First Flying Experience

Monday, February 23, 2015

Let me just say, God was watching out for me! Last minute our flight out of Little Rock was cancelled due to icy conditions. I ended up flying out of Shreveport, LA on Monday. We got there plenty early so Stella and I were able to get through security with no traffic. We also had plenty of time for her to eat and do a diaper change before boarding.

We arrived in Atlanta and I had no clue where I was going. The place was a madhouse. I finally got my bearings and figured out where I needed to go. Of course we had to get from Concourse D all the way to A. We pretty much ran the entire way. By the time we got there I was sweating and near tears. The flight was boarding and I hadn't had time to feed Stella or change her diaper. I was a little stressed. 

We got on board and I first noticed that my seat had extra leg room. Win! But, I was scrunched between two grown men; one had his shoes off. Ewe! I was frazzled trying to get Stella out of her carrier and my pullover off. I was still sweating and still on the verge of tears. About 5 minutes later a flight attendant came by and told one of the gentleman next to me that he'd been approved for first class. Win! So I got to move over and had plenty of room to nurse Stella and change her diaper. We landed in Miami and the warm air was so refreshing!

Wednesday it was time to head home. That morning we flew out of Fort Lauderdale. I got a little stressed on the way because traffic getting there was awful. But, we made it in plenty of time. Of course, (and I knew it would happen) Stella had a huge blow out about 20 minutes before boarding. I was definitely thankful for the extra pair of pajamas I'd packed in her diaper bag, and the janitor who gave me a bag for her dirty clothes. We got back just in time to board early; definitely a bonus when flying with kiddos.

We made it to Atlanta and this time not only did I have a longer layover (thank goodness) but I also didn't have to catch the tram to another concourse. I actually had time to sit and catch my breath, and eat. I was definitely ready to get home at this point though, and so was Stella. She had the most difficult time on the flight from Atlanta to Little Rock. I think mainly because she was tired. I was definitely thankful for the aisle seat so I had plenty of room to nurse her.

Stella did so well on her first airplane trip, I was very impressed. I'm pretty proud of myself too. This was the first time I'd ever flown by myself. And for someone who only flies about once every 5 years, this was a big deal. Although, it'll probably be a few years before it happens again; it was a lot of work.

Make sure you check back tomorrow; I'm going to share my tips for flying with an infant.