20 Months!!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Your daddy and I (and sissy) love you so much! You are at that age where you are just go, go, go and it's exhausting, but so fun! Most days I can't catch my breath until you go to bed, and that's okay. I wouldn't want to spend my days doing anything else.
What you did this month:
  • You weigh 27.4 pounds and are 35 1/4 inches tall.
  • You are wearing size 6 diapers.
  • You wear size 24M/2T in pants and 24M/2T in shirts.
  • Your favorite foods right now are pizza, French fries, mashed potatoes, Gerber fruit/veggie pouches, macaroni and cheese, and juice.
  • You usually wake up between 7:30 & 8, take a nap around one for about 2.5 hours, and go down at night around 8.
  • You can say "mou" (which could be more, music, Mickey Mouse, Mimi, movie, basically all of his favorite things start with 'm'), "where'ditgo" (Where'd it go?), "do" (go), "dat" (that or cat), "jew" (juice), "no", uh-oh, "what'sat?" (what's that), "dow" (down),  "yeth" (yes)
  • 18 teeth
  • You still really enjoy Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
  • Your favorite movie this month is "The Polar Express".
  • You are loving school!
  • You had a tummy bug and a 24 hour virus this month, all within a week.
  • You love to try and put on pants. It doesn't matter if you're already wearing pants, you just like trying to put them on.
  • You are climbing on everything. Everything is a step stool so you can reach where you shouldn't, like the kitchen counters.
  • You climbed up the clubhouse (with a little help from mama) at the park and went down the (curvy, tunnel) slide all by yourself!
  • Last week you wanted to sit on the potty two different times. You didn't do anything either time but it's a step in the right direction!
  • You spent a weekend alone with daddy for the first time. Y'all had a great time biking, shopping, at the park, and watching movies.
  • You're obsessed with plugging things in and turning them on.
  • You love to try and give Stella her paci or blankets when she's crying. It's the best thing to see!
  • You went to your first Christmas tree farm and you loved it! I'm pretty sure we could have stayed all day and just let you run around.
  • You just experienced your second Christmas, and loved every second of it!


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Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 25, 2014

From our family to yours!

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Christmas Desserts and Tacky Sweaters {LINK UP}

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

 Well, unfortunately I don't have a tacky sweater to show off, but I do have a quick and yummy dessert to share! The week before Christmas Sean's department at work is always stocked with yummy treats that all the wives send with their husbands, ha! And this year I tried something new! I don't really know what to call them, chocolate pretzel M&M...things.
So, it's really easy. You lay out a layer of pretzels on a cookie sheet.

Put some form of Hugs or Kiss on top of each pretzel. I found the peppermint Kisses and thought they'd be super yummy! And then throw'em in the oven at 170 for about 5 minutes. I will warn you the peppermint ones seemed to melt a lot more than the regular Kisses.
When they come out of the oven push an M&M down onto the chocolate {or if it's the Peppermint ones you'll just drop an M&M} and then just wait for them to cool. Again, the peppermint ones took a lot longer to cool so make sure you have time for that. I probably could have put them in the fridge but I just left them out.
 Now enjoy!!
Cocktails & Carseats

I'll be absent for the rest of the week so y'all have a merry, merry Christmas!!

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Christmas Pajama Party

Monday, December 22, 2014

I'm linking up today with DARCI, JULIE, ASHLEY, JENNY, & NATASHA to show off my adorable kiddos in their Christmas jammies!
Of course I had to get them matching jammies this year, it's must when you have multiple children, right?? I bought their two sets of matching pajamas from CARTER'S.



I found these reindeer jammies at OLD NAVY and had to have them! I think they're the absolute cutest thing ever! And I bought them in 3T, so fingers crossed maybe they'll fit again next year. Hey, a girl can dream!

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Christmas Book Ideas

Sunday, December 21, 2014

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5 on Friday {RANDOMNESS}

Friday, December 19, 2014

I've been going like crazy this week trying to get everything ready before we head out of town! So, here's my 5 random things for the week!
Unfortunately this guy has been a bit under the weather this week. Can't tell by this picture, huh? He's had an upper respiratory infection and some high fevers that have scared this mama! Just thankful it wasn't the flu and that he's starting to feel better!
Since our little guy has been sick he missed out on his school Christmas party. Don't worry, though, this mama still got treats to school!
^^^^I'll be sharing this yummy recipe on Tuesday so make sure you check back!^^^^
^^^^Some cute little juice box snowmen! All you need is some white Duck Tape, Duck Tape Sheets (to make the circles with), and some Sharpies.^^^^
If you haven't seen our family picture outtakes, make sure you check them out HERE. A little preview of our real life.
The weather at the beginning of this week was uhhh-mazing! We had to get out and enjoy some of the outdoors, without a coat. 
 And, of course, I have to show off this lil' cupcake, who discovered her tongue this week! 
 Hope everyone has a great weekend!!
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Countdown to Christmas {LINK UP}

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Today I'm sharing some of our Christmas picture outtakes. Really because we haven't done a whole lot of Christmas-y stuff. {We did make handprint ornaments but that was a workout, so there are no pictures.} So, enjoy!

So thankful for wonderful friends who are willing to take our picture. I will not be paying someone to do it for awhile, at least until Wyatt can sit for more than 10 seconds.
Our Pretty Little Girls

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A Weekend Re-Cap

Monday, December 15, 2014

I feel like this weekend just flew by! I guess that's how it goes when you have so much to get done, am I right!
Our Friday was pretty uneventful. We hung out at home and enjoyed some lazy time on a rainy day. Sean worked in the morning, and I spent the afternoon entertaining Wyatt while he worked on moving his "hobby" room so we can get started on Stella's room. Yes, she doesn't have a room yet. But, in reality, she doesn't really need one yet.
^^^^Wyatt loves to sit on the coffee table next to sissy. Which is totally fine, until he tries to sit on sissy.^^^^
Saturday was a beautiful day, so the kids and I spent a majority of the morning outside. Sean continued cleaning out/moving the "hobby" room.
Saturday night we went to our towns Christmas parade. It was Wyatt's first parade and he pretty much just stared in awe. I was worried he would cry but thankfully he was totally fine with all the sirens and honking. Yes, honking. His favorite, hands down, was the motorcycles. He actually clapped as they drove by, it was pretty adorable.

Sunday I continued entertaining the kiddos while daddy worked on sissy's room. He got the ceiling scraped and sanded and ripped out all of the carpet. Hopefully by next Sunday we'll have her crib set up!

Sunday afternoon we attempted to take some family portraits. Our good friend, Candi, came over to snap a few. Luckily we were able to take a few where Wyatt wasn't trying to just run away, or Stella wasn't crying or spitting up. HA!
Sunday night Sean went out to get something out of the car and noticed a sign in our yard. He came back in and asked me if there had been a competition for Christmas...don't ask me, I don't know. Come to find out, apparently there was, and we won Most Original for ours! I guess that afternoon of hard work paid off!
How was your weekend? Did you do anything festive?

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5 on Friday {Favorite Ornaments}

Friday, December 12, 2014

Since our Christmas tree is now decorated, I thought I'd share my top five favorite ornaments!
Wyatt's handprint ornament from last year, his first Christmas. It's just a sweet reminder of that special time. I can't wait to get Stella's done and on the tree!

Stella's first ornament from this Christmas. I love these keepsake ornaments. I have mine and I know one day she'll hang this on her tree.

Wyatt's first Christmas ornament. Again, just a special keepsake. So crazy to imagine that last year we only had one baby in the house!
Wyatt actually just brought this home from school yesterday. I was so excited to hang something that he made at school! A great reminder of his first year in school.
And last, but certainly not least, our family ornament from this year! We're in such a wonderful place in our lives right now and I always want to remember this! I also have them for 2011, 2012, & 2013.
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