Christmas Home Tour

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

 Sharing a little sneak peek of our home at Christmas today!
We don't do a ton--mainly because we're not home for Christmas, so things like stockings aren't even at our house, ha! 

Here is our main tree! Obviously it receives a lot of love. And rearranging. And pulling. My favorite part is the wrapping paper I went with this year! 

I always hang our Christmas cards next to our main eating area. I love being able to see everyone's pictures as we enjoy our meals! 

I just found this new Advent calendar this past week and it was a bargain--$10! I have big plans for it for next year and I'm so excited! This is our dining table and the little decorations I use for it. 
I received our Nativity Scene several years ago as a Christmas gift and it's definitely my favorite! I actually leave it up year round! I think that's because I'm lazy. But I really do love it!!

I've kind of already shared Wyatt and Stella's trees, but here they are again. Please not that Stella's tree has a lot more ornaments...little thief! 

Sweet Turtle Soup

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Wyatt's Christmas Party

Monday, December 21, 2015

Wyatt's Christmas party at school was last Thursday. 
There were lots of yummy treats, presents, and Santa Claus! 

Stella spent her time walking around stealing everyone's juice and cookies, and being cute!
I made gingerbread cookies for the kids to decorate and they also had some reindeer sandwiches, fruit, and more cookies.

After their snack the boys and girls received presents from Santa! Wyatt was not sure about him at first, but he gave him a hug before we left.


Wyatt had picked out his gift the Monday before and was so excited to finally get to play with it! 

Wyatt had a great time at his Christmas party! I'm so glad he has such wonderful friends and an amazing teacher! 

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{FIVE} Favorite Moments of the Week

Friday, December 18, 2015

Can't believe we're down to one week before Christmas!! I'm spending my day with last-minute shopping, wrapping, and packing. We have a very busy week ahead of us! Here's what we've been up to this past week. 

This sweet girl turned 14 months old last week. I still can't believe how fast time is flying! You can usually find her with a baby and blanket, and telling everyone how it is (she's definitely the boss of the house). She is a junk food junkie and it's a daily battle getting her to eat something besides breakfast bars and chips. We obviously love her, and her spunky personality!

We had an interesting week with this boy. He woke up on Tuesday morning with a limp on his right leg. We could not pin point the exact spot that was hurting him and he seemed ok. He continued to limp on Wednesday, so by that afternoon we were at the doctor. Honestly, I realize that may have been a bit extreme but the fact that he was crawling up and down stairs really concerned me. Long story short, he ended up having x-rays done and blood drawn (which was a whole other nightmare, that ended with ice cream)...and nothing was found. Today, he's been fine.
Good grief, I'm tired.

Wyatt's Christmas party at school was yesterday, and to say it was a success would be an understatement! I'll share more next week.

The kids and I made their salt dough ornaments this week. I love this tradition but I think we're going to have to come up with a new one; Wyatt's hand is just getting too big. Ha! 

As you've probably know from previous posts, we brought out our Elf this year. The kids are not into it nearly as much as their daddy is. And thank goodness because I'm terrible at remembering him. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!
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2015 Christmas Pajama Party

Thursday, December 17, 2015

So excited to share Wyatt and Stella's Christmas pajamas! 
I've been taking pictures of them in their jammies for weeks and I still haven't photographed them all! Their favorite, especially Stella's, is the Mickey and Minnie set. They would wear them every night! 
Well, I'll be quiet and let y'all enjoy!
 photo 8561dcd7-c2be-4ca6-895c-b9fff225b625_zpsnwuzqbcx.jpg

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Our Week of Christmas Cheer!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Last week we filled our time with as much Christmas cheer as possible! The fun started with some baking; we made Gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies, and a chocolate spread. We then shared some of the goodness with our friends and neighbors by hand delivering little boxes of them.

 Wyatt also enjoyed decorating his own cookies, and eating them, of course! 

On Thursday, some of the classes in Wyatt's school school went caroling, ate some desserts, and then watched a little Christmas performance. Wyatt was not interested in caroling but he did enjoy himself some yummy treats. 

On Friday Sean and I attended his work Christmas party. We didn't get to go last year since Stella was still so little, so I've been looking forward to this for about a month. It's basically just a fun night out with friends so it was a great time, and we even stayed out until after 10!! (First time we've had a sitter put the kids to bed!!)  

We didn't do too much over the weekend, but I did snap this picture of Stella on Sunday. If you follow me on INSTAGRAM then you've already seen it, but I just love it so much! It just captures her perfectly!

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Secret Santa: Mommy and Me Book Exchange {Link-Up}

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

COURTNEY, LIZ, and I hosted this year's Secret Santa: Mommy and Me Book Exchange! I'm so excited the day is finally here to share what we received! 

Wyatt, Stella, and I received our books from Hayden, Charlotte, and Jessica. They were beautifully wrapped and she sent one for each of the kids, I couldn't wait to let them open them! Plus she sent some delicious peppermint white chocolate kisses...YUM!

Stella opened up The Goodnight Train--if you don't already own this book then it's a must buy! So cute! I think I actually enjoy it more than them. We're huge train lovers around here so I knew it would be a hit. 

 Wyatt got to open The Pups Save Christmas. If you have a Paw Patrol lover in the house then this is a must. It's a little longer than I had imagined but it's one of Wyatt's favorites right now. 
  And for me, I received Amy Poehler's Yes Please--which I've actually been making time to read because I enjoy it so much. I've always enjoyed her comedy and she really seems like she'd be my best friend. 

We sent books to Mac, Mim, and Sara so head over there to see what they received!
Thank you everyone who joined in on the fun, and don't forget to share on Twitter and Instagram with #SecretSantaBookExchange!

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