My Boy

Monday, February 16, 2015

Wyatt is at such a fun age right now. He's doing and saying new things everyday. I honestly don't know where he learned half the stuff he does; he cracks me up.
 His new thing is "falling" and then acting like he's hurt. He just lays on the ground squirming and whining like his leg hurts or something. I can't help but just laugh at him. He'll take a couple of steps and then do it again.

He loves all kinds of transportation. Cars, trucks, trains, planes, it doesn't matter; he loves them all.
When he goes to the park he spends a majority of his time wandering around. He might play on the toys for climbing purposes but the rest of the time is spent exploring.
He loves making us get into his tent with him. He zips it up and then "sleeps"; he even snores. I don't even know how he knows what snoring sounds like. It's the cutest thing though.
The boy loves showers. During his nighttime bath I've started turning the shower on and letting the tub fill up that way. It keeps him entertained for-e-ver.
Animal sounds, he only knows one, an elephant. I can't get him to make any other sounds. He does cow, but it sounds like an elephant. ha!
When Sean and I are telling him no, we tend to say no sir. He started copying us. So now it's "no sir". At least he has manners. Except when he first started saying it, we thought he was saying no shit, because that's what it actually sounds like.
We have bad cats. They tend to get on the table and other places, like the trash, where we don't want them. He's learned some of the places they're not supposed to be and he starts yelling, no, no kitty cat! Usually while shaking something at them.
When he watches "Paw Patrol" he sings "go, go, go, go..." That's actually what he calls the show. When you ask him what he wants to watch it's "go, go, go...."
He loves rocks, sand, dirt, etc. If he can lay in it and play or pile it on himself, he loves it.
He knows he's not supposed to have Lion unless he's in bed and going night, night. There are times during the day I'll find him in bed just so he can spend time with Lion. {If you don't know, Lion is his lovie that also has his pacifier on it.}
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