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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Monday was an out-a-sorts kind-a day. Not real sure why, but Wyatt decided at 10:30 he was ready for a nap. This is a boy who usually takes a nap around 1:30. Call it a long weekend, or teething, or something. He ended up sleeping about two hours.  
 I was a little nervous to see how our afternoon would go. I didn't know if he'd want another nap or if he'd just be really cranky once he started getting tired again at 5.  
It actually ended up being a wonderful afternoon. Even though it was 40 degrees, we bundled up and spent a good part of the afternoon outside. We went for a walk and then played around the yard.
After our outside time we came in and warmed up with some hot chocolate. In the past when I've offered it to him he has spit it out. But this time I had to drink it up just to keep him from getting too much. He was loving it!
We then headed to his room for some playtime with Sissy. She loves to hear and watch him play. I'm pretty sure his room is her favorite.
 I could tell he was starting to lose steam around 4:30. I put in a movie and he actually sat in my lap and cuddled for a bit. Then he did something he's never done before. He gave me his first impromptu kiss, on the mouth. Now, for some, that's not a big deal. But for my boy, who will take kisses on the cheeks and forehead all day, this was big. He actually leaned in and kissed me without me saying or doing anything. I couldn't believe it. I just wanted to bottle that feeling up and put it in my pocket. It made me feel so good. 
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