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Thursday, September 12, 2013

I'm linking up for Kid Tested, Mom Approved: Making Memories today.

I feel like memories are made everyday, a million times a day.  I can think of so many memories that I want to remember just from today.  The way Wyatt tries to make me laugh, by smiling and cooing, in the middle of the night when I'm cranky sleepy.  The way he squeals in delight when he's playing with his toys.  How he sucks on his toes, his new favorite toy! It's sometimes hard to preserve those in-an-instant moments and feelings.  
When Wyatt was born I was given a Mom's One Line a Day Journal.  It's so been so nice to have because I can write down those little moments that I don't necessarily have pictures or video of, and I'll have it forever.
Obviously we all have pictures...I know I usually take at least one picture a day.  What do we do with all of those pictures?  I like to make photo books. I make photo books for eve-ry-thing! I have them from our vacations, our wedding, honeymoon, house renovations, my pregnancy journey, and now I'm working on one for Wyatt's first year.  I use Shutterfly to make ours.  I like Shutterfly because I can keep all of our photos stored there as extra back-up (not like an external hard drive is enough).
And, last but not least, I blog.  Even if every post is not specifically about our family, it's a great way to remember our lives during this stage. 
Now link up and share how you make and preserve memories for your family!
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hello erin said...

I've been SO BAD at my one line a day book! I need to get that puppy out again... It's been weeks ;)

E Hayes said...

I was so good about my OLAD journal the first year and like Erin, am so bad about it now! Hopefully I pick back up when Kenley comes and get to write about both kiddos..

the girl in the red shoes said...

Love the one line a day book! Such a great keepsake for later!

Ashley Brickner said...

I have the same book, but am totally bad at it!! First time by the blog. :)


the.bain.family. said...

I regret that I didn't get that journal. But if we're really honest, I'd probably stink at keeping up with that, too.

Ashley Dorey said...

Thanks for stopping in! :)

Ashley Dorey said...

If all else fails...I just write something new that Wyatt is doing that I love. Which can be hard because I love everything he does...except maybe the hair pulling. ;)