A Day in the Life: Winter 2016

Thursday, January 28, 2016

My last Day in the Life post was back in November; I like being able to look back and see how things change.
This was our day on Wednesday, January 27, 2016--Wyatt 33 months, Stella 15 months.

6:09||First alarm goes off.

6:14||Second alarm goes off. Decide it's a perfect time to catch up on some blog reading.

6:28||Wyatt comes in holding some Chipmunk movie and asking to watch it. I have him go pee-pee and bring him some underwear. We snuggle into bed...for a second, then he starts asking for milk. I grab him some milk, and a protein bar for myself, and we get back into bed. 

We're able to make that last for a good 30 minutes before he's off bringing toys into the room and playing.

7:15||He asks for a pull-up and runs to his room for a poop session.

7:42||I finally convince myself that we're officially up for the day and get out of bed...again. I join Wyatt in his room for some block building. 

I hear Stella stirring.

7:53||Greet Stella with some smiles and a song. She hands me blanket and some babies before allowing me to pick her up. I get her changed and she's ready for some breakfast. 

8:01||I get Stella in her seat and get her some breakfast. Looks like Wyatt found the vacuum...still out from the day before. 

8:17||Wyatt's finished vacuuming and I hear water running. Take the opportunity to get Stella cleaned up and out of her chair. 

8:22||Both kids seem entertained so I try and make some coffee. 

8:27||Them somehow this happens. Meltdown...over some milk. And wanting to be held. 

8:29||Finally finish getting my coffee fixed. Kids are entertaining themselves for a second so I take a couple minutes to tidy up a bit around the house.

8:40||Head to Wyatt's room to play. That lasts all of about 2 minutes and then we're off to something new.

8:43||Wyatt turns on some music and Stella finds some toys. I sit down on the couch and drink my coffee.

8:55||Decide it's time to get myself dressed and around, and maybe convince the kids to go outside. 

9:26||We're finally all dress and we get outside where it's a chilly 33*. We make it last as long as we can.

9:45||Impromptu trip to try and see the train. Sometimes we just have to get out of the house.

10:03||Make it back home where a tantrum ensues over mommy's new makeup from the previous day. "No Wyatt, you can not carry my makeup remover around the house. Or give it to your sister." Decide that this is probably because he has yet to slow down and eat, so we head to the kitchen.

10:19||Waffles are made and everyone's happy again. Turn on some Paw Patrol.

10:34||Get the kids cleaned up and attempt to ask Wyatt these questions that I've seen floating around on FaceBook. He pretty much ignores me so I stop.

10:41||Kids are back to music and dancing.

10:42||Decide that Stella is the smell that I keep smelling and change her. We have a little playtime in her room.

10:55||Wyatt agrees to do some painting and Stella wants to color. Plus we need to finish up a craft we started over a week ago.

11:23||Decide that I'm starving so I keep Wyatt occupied with some Silly Putty. Stella, thankfully, can entertain herself pretty easily. 

11:28||Sit down to eat.

11:46||The kids decide that they're hungry, again. Apples and chips it is. With a side of Mickey Mouse.

12:07|| Get Stella down for a nap. (They don't usually go down until about 1 but she didn't have a morning nap and Wyatt was up pretty early.)

Wyatt and I cuddle and finish the rest of Mickey Mouse.

12:39||Both kids are down and it's "me" time! Fixer Upper, my stationary bike, and laptop.

2:06||Stella is really ready to get up, apparently. Usually she sleeps a little later but we'll roll with it.

2:09||Mama's bed and Chipmunks it is. We use this time to cuddle, play, and eat junk food.

3:27||I've contained her as long as possible. We head to the kitchen for another snack and I start on some dinner prep.

4:08||We almost didn't survive. Casserole is ready for the oven at dinnertime.

4:30||Wyatt graces us with his presence but needs some alone time.

4:30|| While Wyatt is entertaining himself and Stella is busy in her room, I take a minute on the computer.

4:55||Head to Stella's room to check on her and play with her for a few minutes.

5:15||Dinner goes in the oven.

5:25||Wyatt decides he'd like to go for a walk. (He always waits until it's almost dark, even though I've asked him about 5x in the last hour.)

5:49||We're back inside. Stella and I sit down to eat.

6:26||After arguing with Wyatt about eating I finally give up and put them in the bath. Daddy's home, drink is made, and I watch them take a bath.

6:51||Everyone's clean and (mostly) dressed so it's playtime.

7:11||Wyatt finally decides that he'd like to eat so we head to the kitchen to pester daddy (who is replacing our broken garbage disposal!!). Wyatt eats some noodles and a PB&J while I put Stella to bed.

8:07||We brushed Wyatt's teeth, put his pull-up on, and he went to bed. Sean took a quick shower and I scrolled around on my phone.

8:27||Sean and I got comfy on the couch and watched American Idol, a clip from Ellen, and the rest of SNL from Saturday. 

9:53||We headed to the room and got ready for bed.

10:07||Lights out.
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WIWW: Double Zero

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ok, so we all know that I am not a fashion blogger but I really wanted to share this super cute dress with y'all. (I apologize now for these terrible pictures!) 

It's perfect for winter with its warm flannel fabric and the fact that you can pair it with tights. It's made by a brand I'd never heard of, Double Zero, but I picked it up half off at one of our local shops.

I'm linking up with Sarah for What I'm Wearing Wednesday.

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Tuesday Talk: Potty Training

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I'm finally talking all about our experience with potty training today. 
Boy, is it a tough one. We are not fully trained, I'd say about 50%. But I'm really needing advice and so this is where we are.
I'm going to start by backtracking just a little bit. We tried underwear, for about an hour, several months ago and quickly realized Wyatt was not ready. Since then he'd occasionally gone pee-pee in the potty. 
For Christmas he received some super hero underwear. When he opened them he immediately stopped what he was doing and put them on. That was a huge step because he'd been refusing underwear at all.
My plan all along had been to potty train him the week after Christmas. We were going to be home and Sean had off, so it sounded like a good plan. 
We came home on a Monday so I decided that Tuesday morning diapers would be gone and we would start with underwear. After a little convincing he put the underwear on and only had one pee-pee accident that entire day. But, he refused to poop in the potty. I still wasn't ready to see how it went with underwear while he slept so I put a diaper on him for nap time. At some point during nap time he pooped (I'm assuming right when he woke up). 
The following day, Wednesday, we decided that we would really try and work on pooping in the potty. Basically told him he could have whatever he wanted when he pooped in the potty. We tried forcing him to sit and poop when we knew he needed to. He had no pee-pee accidents that day but refused wearing underwear after his nap. Apparently trying to force him had really backfired.
Thursday was rough. He refused to wear underwear most of the day or pee in the potty. I finally got him to start peeing again by telling him he could pee outside. Thankfully it worked, so Thursday evening he spent the evening peeing outside.
Friday was pretty much the same. He peed outside but started peeing in the potty again. He had no pee-pee accidents, but still no poop.
Long story short, that's where we are. Wyatt wears underwear all day, even when we leave the house and to school, but wears pull-ups for naps and bedtime. He refuses to poop in the potty so he'll even ask for a pull-up when he needs to go. I've tried getting him to sit on the potty in his pull up to poop but he doesn't want to do that either. (He likes to lay on his tummy and is usually under something when he poops.) Everything I've read says not to force them because, like we experienced before, it only hurts the progress.
If anyone has any suggestions, tips, ideas, whatever please share!

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{FIVE} Favorite Moments of the Week

Friday, January 22, 2016

It has definitely been a while since I've done a Friday post and I'm so excited to get back to it! I love sharing about what we've been up to from week to week. 
We're having a snow day today in Southern Arkansas! Wyatt was up and in our room at 6:45 informing us that there was snow and wanted to get outside immediately. Stella, well, she has not enjoyed it near as much as Wyatt.

With the colder temps we've been spending a lot more time indoors. Entertaining Wyatt can get difficult at times because he moves from one activity to the next so quickly. He can go from painting, to trains, a movie, and back to his room within 10 minutes. It gets exhausting.


I haven't done an update on Stella in a while, monthly updates kind of stopped once she turned one. Stella is all about babies, blanket, and Mickey/Minnie Mouse these days. Those pajamas, yes they were once Wyatt's and she literally loves them. She finds any and all jammies with Mickey, or Minnie, and carries them around. She also prefers pink bows these days, notice the mismatched bow and jammies. Most days we can still get her to take two naps but we just try and keep the morning nap pretty short, and she sleeps at night for about 11-12 hours. She is still an eating machine and is finally starting to show some weight in her cheeks. She is so sweet and loving. Loves to give hugs and kisses to anyone who will let her. I'm so thankful for how carefree and go-with-the-flow she is. 

I've got a full potty training post coming up this week, hopefully. At least covering where we are right now with the whole transition. I will say, potty training has definitely been the most difficult transition for us as parents. And I've put way too much pressure on myself, so we've slowed down a bit and we're just rolling with it.

I also started back to school this week! I'm only teaching one class this semester, as opposed to two, and I'm really enjoying the lighter load. I only teach every other week so it gives me a little bit more freedom, so I really like that. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I know we will, Sean and I have plans for a date tomorrow afternoon and I'm super excited! See y'all next week!



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