Bye, Bye, Bottle

Saturday, August 30, 2014

When we had Wyatt's 1 year check-up our doctor encouraged us to get rid of the bottle, particularly the before-bed bottle.  I know this is a battle that a lot of people go through, so I wanted to share our experience.
Luckily, for us, the before-bed bottle was the only bottle Wyatt was receiving during the day. My first thought was, how?? How do we get him to go to sleep without ripping his heart out??  Her suggestion was to offer warm water instead of milk.  So, okay, that's what I tried. HA! Yea, he wasn't having any of that mess. He screamed and cried until I gave in. So, I did some more research. I found several people that were slowly substituting water for the milk, in an effort to water it down...and make it disgusting.
I didn't really have a timeline or plan for how much water to substitute. I just kind of started. When I first started the bottles he was drinking about 7oz. So I started with about 5oz of milk and 2oz of water.  We did that for a while, until he would drink the bottle without fighting it. I then went to half/half, and we did that until he wasn't fighting it.  Now, I will warn you, the more water that we added the more he peed at we had a lot of leaky diapers.
Eventually Wyatt got to where he wasn't drinking all of the bottle. I started making smaller bottles, about 5oz.  I think it usually contained about 3oz of water and 2oz of milk.  Slowly, but surely, I got to where I was only making about a 3oz bottle of water, with a little milk for color....and he finally realized it wasn't even worth his time.
I'm happy to say that this week, after about 3 months, Wyatt has gone to bed 4 nights in a row without a bottle! This has been a huge transition for us me! We used to cuddle and rock in his room every night while he drank his bottle. Now, he wants nothing to do with that mess. He takes his bath, has some playtime/TV time, and then when he's ready (about 8:30) he lets us know that he's ready to go "night-night with lion".
It's such ironic timing, and you'd think by now I'd understand, how everything happens when it's supposed to.  One of the things I kept stressing over was whether or not to move Wyatt's rocker into the nursery or wait, and I guess now I know. Since he and I don't really use it anymore, it's ready for Sissy and I to use.
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Stella's Fall Style

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Y'ALL!! I can't get over OLD NAVY'S girl fall line.  I have a shopping cart full, just waiting for the perfect day! How cute is a tiny baby girl in a sweatshirt?!! OH.MY.GOODNESS, SWEETNESS!! Well, since I'm not doing any buying today, I thought I'd at least pass the cuteness along! ENJOY!
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16 Months!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Where to start?! You have become quite a rambunctious little boy this month! You're always running, climbing, or playfully throwing things. You definitely keep us on our toes. Teething has definitely taken over the past couple of weeks, and we're both over it! The next couple of months are going to be huge transition times for you so we've been having a lot of fun time. You start school next week, and of course, in just 6 short weeks you'll be a big brother! We love you so much, and I'm so happy that you'll always be my baby boy! We love you, Wyatt!
What you did this month:
  • You weigh 26 pounds (78th percentile) and are 35 inches tall (100th percentile).
  • You are wearing size 4 diapers.
  • You wear size 18 months in pants and 24 months in shirts.
  • You are drinking milk and juice from cups during the day. NO MORE BOTTLES!!
  • Your favorite foods right now are yogurt, spaghetti, pizza, French fries and any kind of fruit. You also discovered that you're a fan of ketchup, although, I don't always offer it and you're ok with that. Oh, and "special milk", aka, chocolate milk (which is about 98% milk and 2% chocolate).
  • You usually wake up between 7:30 & 8, take a nap around 11:30 for about 2 hours, and go down around 8.
  • You're pretty much sleeping through the night.  You've been waking up during the night some because of teething, but you don't need a bottle anymore. We also got rid of your "before bed bottle".
  • You're really proving me wrong with this "big brother" transition, I was worried you wouldn't be ready.
  • You literally climb on anything and everything.  You use random toys and things as step-stools. We have to keep the chairs away from the table so you don't climb onto the table.
  • You have started this new "growling" thing.  You usually do it when you're being a little rambunctious, but it's still really cute and funny.
  • You have 8 teeth now and your incisors are starting to cut.
  • You love to be outside, unfortunately it's so miserably hot and humid I just can't take much.
  • You still love to "help" all the time.  You "help" with the dishes, laundry, and vacuuming.  
  • You have, what I like to call, "fussy time".  It usually starts around 4:30 and lasts until daddy gets home.  I try and save all of our TV time for this time of day.
  • Your favorite time of day is definitely when daddy gets home. It's the sweetest thing, you give him the biggest hug everyday when he walks through the door.
  • You're jibber-jabbering all day now. It's the cutest thing when you talk to me like I'm supposed to know what you're saying.
  • We went on vacation with your Grandpa, Nana, Uncle Levi, and cousin Avery to Branson.  You had a really good time, except for usually dinner time.
  • Mimi came down and stayed with us for a few days this month while daddy was out of town.
  • You learned the sign for "more" and were using it pretty frequently, you've kind of slacked up a bit in the past week or so. We're working on "all done" now.
  • You seem to comprehend just about everything we say.  I even asked you to pick up a block and used "under daddy's chair" and you knew exactly what to do.
  • You blow your lips together now when we ask you what an elephant says.  We think it's awesome!
  • Your new favorite toy, well, besides your kitchen, is Mr. Potato Head. I'm not sure if you like "dressing" him or throwing the pieces all over the floor more.
  • You are still working on using utensils when you eat. You try but you usually can't get anything actually on the fork/spoon.
  • You got your first haircut this month.  It makes you look so much older.


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Durian Fruit

Monday, August 25, 2014

 Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 33 Weeks (8/18/2014)
Size of Baby: 17.2 inches and about 4.2 pounds.  Right now our baby is the size of a durian fruit!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: +/- 30
Maternity Clothes: For sure!
Movement: Seriously, she never stops moving! I did feel her hiccups for the first time this week.
Food Cravings: Still sweets! 
Food Aversions: No aversions.
What I Miss: Being comfortable and being able to breathe!
Sleep: Still sleeping well.
Symptoms: Braxton hicks, exhaustion, leg cramps, and some major breathing issues.  Getting lightheaded quite a bit as well.
Best Moment This Week: Wyatt's new growl! It's pretty awesome!
What I'm Looking Forward to: Wyatt's Open House at school on Tuesday!
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House Addition {Update}

Thursday, August 21, 2014

^^^^All the siding is finished, and all but one part of the brick is finished.^^^^
^^^^Den/extra living space painted in Sherwin Williams-Ramie.^^^^

^^^^Master Bedroom painted in Sherwin Williams-Light French Gray.^^^^
^^^^Other side of master, closet is on the left and bathroom is on the right.^^^^

These are a few of the pieces we've ordered so far for the bedroom and bathroom.
This is very similar to what our vanity will look like.  Really the only difference is that we're doing oil rubbed bronze, instead of chrome. The shower is also being done in the same grey/white marble.
Next up on the list:
Insulation in the attic (this weekend)
Installing the upper and window trim (this weekend/next week)
Flooring (starts Monday)
Shower Installation (hopefully next week)
Finishing up electrical (hopefully next week)
That's it for today! Hoping we can start moving furniture in the next few weeks, eeek!!
Thoughts for Thursday

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It's the Little Things...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

like finding the perfect toy!
A while back my friend, Candi, had mentioned that she was going to be getting rid of their KITCHEN (similar) and I immediately knew we wanted it.  Whenever we're at their house, or anywhere else there happens to be one, Wyatt is all over it. So, I was so excited on Friday when we finally got to bring it home, and so was Wyatt.  He immediately started to play with it (even though it was outside) and hasn't stopped since.  It's the first thing he does when he wakes up and he's always bringing dishes out for us. Although, he doesn't fully understand the idea of pretend play. He definitely gives me odd looks when I eat from a dish that has nothing on it. HA!
Sadie Sky Boutique
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 32 Weeks (8/11/2014)
Size of Baby: 16.7 inches and about 3 pounds.  Right now our baby is the size of a squash!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: +/- 30
Maternity Clothes: YEP! Except for a few piko tops.
Movement: ALL. THE. TIME. She's really good with her elbows and knees, ouch!
Food Cravings: Still sweets! 
Food Aversions: No aversions.
What I Miss: Being comfortable. But I'm not going to complain. She can stay in there as long as she wants. :)
Sleep: Still sleeping well.
Symptoms: Braxton hicks, exhaustion, leg cramps.
Best Moment This Week: Spending some time with friends. And, of course, Wyatt's haircut!
What I'm Looking Forward to: Enjoying these last two weeks with my boy before Wyatt starts pre-k.
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A Bullet List for a Monday {Sorry, no pictures}

Monday, August 18, 2014

  • I have a bad case of the "Mondays".  I think any day that starts with a doctor's appointment, in the rain, with a toddler qualifies for that kind of diagnosis.
  • It could have something to do with the lack of sleep I've received in the last week.  Wyatt has a cold/sinus infection with a little dose of teething on top of that. We're going to the doctor in the morning. My nerves are shot.
  • I'm so far behind on pregnancy updates.  I promise, a 32 week update is coming tomorrow....even though I'm 33 weeks now. #secondchildproblems
  • Progress on the house is coming along.  I have to give a huge shout-out to my husband who works everyday at his job and then comes home and works on the house for at least 3 hours every night. And spends countless hours working on the house on the weekends. I hope to have some pictures soon!
  • Our poor dog, I know she thinks we hate her. I promise we don't.
  • In case you missed it THIS happened yesterday. No, I didn't cry. I was in shock.
  • I'm ready for cooler weather. Is anyone with me on this?? I'm ready.
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Big Boy Haircut

Sunday, August 17, 2014

So, this happened today.  To say I was sad about it would be a lie, it was time.  It was definitely getting a little too mullet-ish for my liking.  I was more just nervous that his daddy was doing it, but he did a great job, and of course, proved me wrong. I was a little sad that I didn't have pictures of the event, since he was sitting in my lap.  But Wyatt did a great job, and really just wanted to cut it himself.  

Just for a little reference, this was taken this morning.
I'm not going to lie, seeing that makes me miss his curls...just a little bit.
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It's The Little Things...

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Like watching my boys play "tent". 
This was one of the mornings when we were on vacation.  Wyatt had so much fun crawling in and out of the tent with daddy!
Sadie Sky Boutique
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Weekending {In Branson}

Monday, August 11, 2014

Our weekend really started for us on Wednesday. We loaded up and headed north to Branson for a much needed getaway! We met up with my Dad, step-mom, brother, and cousin for a weekend full of eating, shopping, and playing.
Thursday we got up and around and headed to SILVER DOLLAR CITY.  I was really nervous about how Wyatt would do, he's pretty particular about his schedule.  He did great and even took a good nap in the stroller!
^^^^Checking out some goats with da-da^^^^
^^^^Hanging with Uncle Levi^^^^
^^^^Catch me Grandpa!^^^^
Friday we headed out for a day of shopping.  Wyatt was not as enthused about this but there was plenty to keep him entertained. 

^^^^Hanging with the big kids!^^^^
Saturday we headed out for another day at SILVER DOLLAR CITY and had an awesome day! Wyatt had this whole vacationing thing figured out. He even enjoyed a few more rides.  He could have ridden more if it weren't for daddy's inability to go in circles. ;) 

^^^^Someday buddy^^^^
^^^^Riding with Nana^^^^
^^^^Flooded Mine with mama!^^^^
^^^^I think he was a little scared of the fake man who was snoring in there with him!^^^^
 ^^^^Finally a family shot, ha! It was our last night and we were pretty exhausted. ^^^^
^^^^But that didn't stop us from enjoying some go-carts!^^^^
^^^^Wyatt's pretty crazy about his Grandpa^^^^
Sunday we loaded up and headed home.  It was great vacation, but I need a nap. Vacationing with a toddler is exhausting.

Mingle 240

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