Christmas Break || Days 1--5

Thursday, January 7, 2016

So as I promised yesterday, I'm playing a little catch up with what we've been up to! 
We headed up to NWA on Saturday, December 19--which happened to be my Aunt's 60th birthday. We headed up to surprise her and to see my cousin, who I hadn't seen since her wedding in February. We made it just in time to get the kids down for naps and have a few minutes of quiet before dinner. 
We had a great time visiting and catching up, and making some plans to hopefully see April and Carolina soon! 
Sunday we kept things pretty low-key and were able to see April & Carolina one more time before they headed home. 
We did spice it up a little and went to a 9:00 showing (I know, crazy!!) of Star Wars with some family! 
On Monday we headed to Pop's work to have a pancake breakfast with Santa. Although, unfortunately, Wyatt and Stella missed actually seeing Santa. But we had a great breakfast and Wyatt loved seeing Pop's work! 

We then took daddy to a shooting range so the kids and I could finish up some Christmas shopping for our #1 daddy.
Monday night Sean attended a Bachelor party for my step-brother, Corey. While mom, the kids, and I headed out for some Mexican food and Christmas lights!
Tuesday was a pretty low-key day. We moved some furniture and then set up tables and chairs for Corey and Iris' wedding. Their families came over that evening for some pizza and decorating, and a good time of course!

Wednesday morning Sean and Wyatt headed out to visit AMAZEUM and play! While they were gone mom and I finished up some decorating and started getting ready for Corey & Iris' wedding. 

Their wedding was beautiful and everyone had a wonderful time celebrating the happy family!

Stay tuned...all of our Christmas celebrations are coming up tomorrow!

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