Two Guys, a Girl, and a Motorcycle

Saturday, October 23, 2010

About three weeks ago Sean convinced me that it would be a great idea for me to go with him and our friend, Mike, to pick up a motorcycle (for Mike) in Nashville, TN.  Let me just remind you that Nashville is a good 7.5 hours from Camden.  To be honest, it didn't take too much convincing once I was assured that I would get to eat Chick-Fil-A at least once on the trip.  I willingly agreed and was somewhat excited to just get away and out of Camden for the weekend. 
So we left Friday afternoon, an hour after our planned departure time, but at least we were finally on the road.  Well, if you know anything about Sean, than you know that he likes to go FAST!! Through the years I've gotten quite used to this and I've learned that he is a great driver and I can trust him.  Too bad I really don't know Mike that well and I'd definitely never riden with him in a car . . .let's just say that Mike likes to go fast too!  OMG!! I thought I was going to DIE in that car.  It got to be a game, he would go fast just to hear me make some kind of wierd noise!!  Well to say the least we made it to Nashville, of course after taking a detour through Memphis to get some DELICIOUS Chick-to-the-Fil-A.
Once in Nashville I figured we would just look at the bike, give the guy some money, and get a hotel room. . . boy was I WRONG!!  Well Mike had not had a chance to get all the funds before we left Camden.  He was thinking that we would just hit up an ATM once we got to Nashville and get some cash.  We met the guy downtown Nashville so we just drove over to one of the 15 ATMs to get the cash.  Well the first ATM shot him down so we went to number 2 of 15 and well . . . it shot him down too!! So after visiting all 15 ATMs and having all 15 ATMs shoot him down, we decided to try and talk the guy into letting him write a check.  Now you know this wouldn't be a great story if the guy said "yes", yea it was a big fat NO.  So we decide that we didn't drive 7.5 hours to turn around and not get a motorcycle. After about 15 minutes we decide that we will drive another 2.5 hours to this guys hometown and try to get to a bank in the morning.
So we arrive in Lenoir City, a little outside of Knoxville.  At this point it was like 2:30am and of course where's the first place you go when you enter a new town . . .Wal-Mart!!  By the way, they don't cash personal check. :) So we decide there's really nothing else we can do at this hour so we should just get a hotel room and get some sleep.  Once in the room Mike realized that his bank has an EMERGENCY LINE!! What?!  Why are we just now learning this?  So all of a sudden he calls the bank and takes care of the problem!! Why couldn't we have taken care of this in Nashville??  So at 3:30am Mike finally had the money.  We finally got to go to bed!
We woke up early and got the bike by 9, and we were on the road back to Camden. (Never thought I'd
be so excited!)  We were about half way back to Nashville and realized that the back tire on the motorcycle was bad.  So of course we had to stop in Nashville, again, and get a new tire!! UGH!! So that took another 1.5 hours.  (OH, and did I mention that my goal was to be home by 8:00 so I could go to MusicFest in El Dorado??!)  Finally on the road once again and cruising --- I was driving this time. 
We finally made it over the Arkansas border! I was still driving, Sean was driving the motorcycle, and Mike was just gettin' comfy.  That's when we entered Palastine, AR!! YES, you guessed it we were busted.  We were pulled over by not just one, but two, Palestine officers (and a person on a ride along)!  Luckily the cops were very friendly and since we were together they gave us only one ticket.  Bad thing --- I was driving Mike's car and Sean was driving Mike's motorcycle, and he didn't get any ticket! OH WELL!!

Well, after ALL that drama we finally made it back to Camden, with the motorcycle.
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