Our Christmas 2017

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

 Our Christmas celebrations have been spread out over the past couple of weeks. Since we didn't travel home this year for Christmas we've been welcoming family to our home.

Our first celebration started with a visit from Grandpa, Nana, and Gramma (my dad, step-mom, and Gramma), and of course, Uncle Levi & Aunt Mackenzie. Wyatt and Stella went caroling with school while they were visiting. It's always a treat for the kids when they have family attend school events, since we live 4+ hours away from any family.

We enjoyed visiting with them, and Wyatt and Stella enjoyed the extra play and attention. And, of course, everyone loved being able to meet Claire. She may have been spoiled a bit while everyone was here.

And it wouldn't be a Christmas without gifts. 

The following week Mimi came for a special visit. While she was here we saw Santa at school. I was so surprised that Stella was my timid one. She's the one who was first to hug Sparky at the fire station--but forget about Santa. She did finally speak to him but wanted nothing to do with sitting on his lap. Smart girl if you ask me. ;) 

The kids also got to bake and decorate some Christmas cookies while she was here. Mimi and Pop are going to come and visit again in the new year for some more Christmas fun.

Christmas morning was so fun for Wyatt and Stella...and Claire, when she was awake. We kept it really laid back and easy--stayed in our jammies all day. We made the decision to stay home this year to protect Claire (can you say flu season??) but I can't say we'll do it again. We definitely missed our family and chaotic, busy Christmas.

Of course, the kids won't let us take down Christmas until their Pop sees all of it...here's to one more week of Christmas. ;)

We had some special moments  this year, Claire topping the list, but we're definitely ready for a new year.  Hoping it's a year of healing, growth, and change.

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