{FIVE} Favorite Moments of Wyatt's Birthday Week

Friday, April 29, 2016

Wyatt's birthday week has been a bit, interesting. His day definitely wasn't the kind that, as a mom, you play in your head. But thankfully, he is only three and we have lots more birthdays to celebrate. But here's a little re-cap on how his week has been.

If you don't know, we celebrated as a family on Saturday by going to Little Rock. We ate pizza, rode the trolley, ate ice cream, and played.

On Monday we had some plans to run some errands, grab lunch, & head to the park. After about our second errand I noticed that around Wyatt's neck it was red and rashy. We went to pick up lunch and I noticed it was even worse. I pulled up his shirt in the back and this is what I saw. So, apparently he had a reaction to the amoxcillin that he was on last week. 
We continued on with our plans but he wasn't really feeling the park, and ended up having diarrhea while we were there. (That's an entire story for another day.) Oh, and also, Sean went out of town on Monday. 

So Tuesday was his actual birthday. I had to have a class (thankfully it was just prep for our Wednesday class and nothing too serious) and I had already planned to take Stella. But with Wyatt not feeling great, having a rash, and I was worried he'd have diarrhea again, I took him with me too (instead of sending him to school like I'd originally planned).
The best part about them having to go to class with me, there's a Dairy Queen! He ended up only eating about three bites but I felt like I had to do something super special for him. I was just feeling a lot of mom guilt.

We spent the rest of his birthday laying low and letting him rest. Plus we had dinner plans at a friends house which I was excited about and thought would be a good distraction for him.

By Thursday Wyatt was officially better, daddy was home, and we finally got to celebrate with candles and cake! Obviously, Wyatt wasn't too concerned about whether or no he had cake; he really doesn't know to expect it. But I was dying to do his cake and let him blow out candles. 

The celebrating isn't quite finished yet! We have family coming into town tonight and we're having his 'official' party tomorrow! 

Hope everyone has had a great week, and has some great plans for the weekend!! And if you missed it, please check out my post on the Ten Truths of Motherhood


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Three Years Old

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I have no idea how we got here sweet boy. It seems like you were born just yesterday, but then at the same time like it was 10 years ago. I have had a hard time dealing with this big, huge milestone. I just feel like you should by my little baby and you're not, you're a big boy. I'm so thankful for you--for your kind heart and your shyness. You really are all that I prayed for when I prayed for son. I love you sweet boy, happy birthday!
What you did this month:
  • You weigh somewhere around 40 pounds and are about 42 inches tall.
  • You are wearing underwear except when you sleep, or need to poop, then you get a pull-up.
  • You wear size 4T in clothes and 11 in shoes.
  • You are a pretty picky eater. You like to eat chicken--chicken nuggets, popcorn chicken, chicken fingers, etc. You like most fruits--pears, strawberries, grapes, apples, bananas. You're not crazy about casseroles or mushy food. You still don't like to eat beef/pork either. You love pizza, smoothies, Nature Valley bars, waffles, rice, PB&J, grilled cheese sandwiches, french fries. Also, Jimmy Johns, Chick-Fil-A, Sonic, & McDonalds. ;) 
  • You usually go down at night around 8 and wake up around 7. You usually nap for 2-3 hours in the afternoon. 
  • You're a talking machine and are rarely quiet. 
  • You can sing your ABCs and other random songs on our children's cd. You also like The Lumineers and request to hear Ophelia. 
  • You can count 1-10. 
  • You have spelled your name (aloud) for me a couple of times. 
  • You pretty much dress yourself. Although, if I want your clothes to be on correctly then I usually help. Shirts tend to be put on backwards, as does your underwear.
  • You still love school, Mrs. Brittany, and all the kids in your class.
  • Thursdays are your favorite day. We get Sonic and go to the park with friends after school.
  • You still love to watch the train. You request to see it any time we are out running errands. You also love to tell me where to drive when we're in the car, just so you can see the train.
  • You love your family and it makes me so happy! 

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Ten Truths of Motherhood

Monday, April 25, 2016

{one} You will have days when you're angry because you can't just go. It's not like before you had kids and you could just pick up and go at the drop of a hat. You didn't have to think about nap time or feeding kids or any of that.

{two} You'll be exhausted all. the time. Even when you don't think you're tired, you're tired.

{three} You will have to know when to just let some things go. You're son is vacuuming for the second time today, and not a bit of cleaning is actually being done. Let it go.

{four} You will ask why more times than you'll want to ever admit. Why did you just throw your plate on the floor...for the 100th time today??

{five} You'll wonder if anyone is actually ever listening. Do you hear me??

{six} Cry, yes, you will cry. You will cry because you're worried, tired, happy, frustrated, angry. There will be lots of crying.

{seven} Plan will change. Plans you made for dinner, they'll change. Career plans, life plans, all plans will eventually change.

{eight} You will forget things. You will forget the grocery list, the child safety magnet for the cabinets (which is stuck on the car), what you did the day before.

{nine} You'll worry. About everything. You'll worry about a rash that just appeared all over your son's body. You'll worry about what school your kids will go to...in 3 years. You'll worry about how your daughter has a fascination with climbing. 

{ten} You will have fun. I promise. Being a mother is the biggest blessing anyone can have. Whether you're the mother of a pet, a child, a foster child, whoever, or whatever--it will be fun.

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Big Day for Our Big Boy

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Every year we do something special to celebrate Wyatt's birthday. For his first birthday we went to the zoo, and for his second birthday we went to a children's museum.  This year we decided it would be fun to take the kids to Little Rock to eat pizza, ride the trolley, play, and eat ice cream. 
 Wyatt was so excited about riding on a "train". He talked about it all morning and was pretty disappointed at how long it was taking us to drive there.
 He was such a good sport, though. He ate all of his pizza and waited patiently for the trolley to arrive. He was a little intimidated when it came time to get on but was ok once he sat down.
  He had the best time taking in all the sights and people. And especially loved going over the river. Stella, well, she was another story and barely sat still for a second. She wore us out on the ride.
 After the trolley we decided it was time for ice cream. We walked down to a little ice cream shop, Kilwins. The smell of the fudge and ice cream was so intoxicating. Wyatt and I picked Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Daddy and Sis got Cookies & Cream.
 We had one more stop before heading home. We let Wyatt run around this amazing rock climbing playground. It's literally constructed around huge rocks that kids can climb all over. There are tunnels that run horizontal and vertical that kids can climb up and through. 
  Wyatt quickly found the walk-over bridge and was all about running the length of it. By this time he was exhausted and just trying to stay awake, so he just ran, ran, ran.
 We finally managed to get him to the car and cooled down. Thankfully that was the hardest part of the day, and we were all ready to head for home.
 We're pretty sure he had the best day every! And just to prove that Sissy was with us, because you know I have to include her too!

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{FIVE} Favorite Moments of the Week

Friday, April 22, 2016

Wow, what a difference a week makes! We've had a really great week; lots of park time & play-dates!

Monday morning we headed to the park. We knew rain was coming and I wanted to make sure they got as much outside time as possible. We've found this new little park at a church and they love it. It's the perfect size; they can both climb and slide all over it!
 We then headed to see the trains downtown. There is a nice little garden and Wyatt wanted to sit on the bench, so that's what we did.

Tuesday, after school, we went to our friend's house to eat lunch and play inside (since it was still raining). And Wednesday Jonathan came over to our house for the evening. Wyatt loves his buddy, Jonathan!

 I'd been asking Sean for about a week to cut Wyatt's hair and we finally got it done Wednesday night. Wyatt hates having his hair cut--the hair tickles and then he rubs his eyes, and it's a whole crying mess. But, we got it done. It was definitely a little shorter than I was anticipating, but it'll grow.

Thursday we had our traditional park picnic play-date. I knew it would be wet & muddy so I took Wyatt a change of clothes and boots. Well, you can see the boots didn't stay on (yea, apparently I'm that mom) and he made sure to get good and muddy. Thankfully Stella isn't all about the mud, so at least I had one clean kid.

And then there's this. Sean and I were talking at the table and, all of a sudden, realized how quiet the kids were being. I peeked over the couch and they were cuddled up watching the iPad. This is pretty rare...one, because they were both still and two, Wyatt's usually pushing Stella away. I pretty much just melted right then and there.

And just because it's the last Friday that my baby boy is a two year old...

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