Christmas Eve 2015

Friday, January 8, 2016

If you have been keeping up with me the past couple of days then you know that I'm playing a little catch-up here on the ol' blog. Today I'm going to re-cap our Christmas Eve, which consists of two different Christmas celebrations.
The morning of Christmas Eve we got up and ready and headed an hour south to my Grandparent's house. There has not been a year, in my entire life, where I have missed Christmas Eve at my grandparents. Usually we eat lunch around 1 and then open presents and visit until about 5. This year was a little different, my uncle had to work so they were actually having dinner which we couldn't stay for. 
We arrived at my dad's around 11 and headed to my grandparents around 12.

We played, snacked, and visited until about 3 when we opened our presents. Stella impressed everyone with her parenting skills when she opened her baby doll and Wyatt was super excited about having his own "pi-pad". 
Gramma and Pa with most of their grandchildren & their two great-grandchildren.
We stayed until about 4 until we had to go on tour next Christmas. I always enjoy seeing my kids and grandparents play. I'm sure they wonder how they were ever able to keep up with us after seeing Wyatt and Stella go, go, go non-stop!
After saying our goodbyes we headed back to Fayetteville for Christmas with Sean's brother and family. We hadn't all been together since last Christmas so it was good to see everyone.
All the cousins playing together with the train. 
Thankfully, they hosted a pajama party so the kids were ready for bed as soon as we headed back to Mom's house. 

Wyatt still wasn't too sure about the whole Santa thing but we tried to prep him and leave him with some excitement before heading to bed!

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