Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

With the start of October brings my favorite "season" of the year--holiday pajama season!! We start wearing Halloween jammies at the beginning of October (or maybe the end of September) and the holiday season begins!

 I'll be sharing more of our Halloween festivities tomorrow--we've painted pumpkins, partied, & trick-or-treated!!  

Work it Mommy

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Mimi and Me Do Waco: Waco Tours & Austin

Thursday, October 27, 2016

This past weekend my mom and I visited Waco and did some sight-seeing. On Tuesday I shared about our full Friday at Magnolia Market and today is all about our Saturday. 

When we arrived in Waco on Thursday night we learned about Waco Tours and were immediately sold on the idea. If you're familiar with Fixer Upper than you may have seen the episode in season 3 with David Ridley--the bachelor. Well he's a co-owner and the tour guide for Waco tours--it was so fun and worth it!

I'll try really hard not to give all the details away but it was really fun--and if you follow me on Snapchat then you saw some of it already. One of our first stops was Common Grounds--really popular spot on the show and the owners were on an episode. 

Also.....this happened. We shopped for a few minutes and their home is right next door so we saw it too! We saw lots of local places and fun things to do for our next visit.

After our tour was finished we hit the road and headed to Austin for the afternoon/evening. My brother and Sis-in-law (and now neice) live in Austin. We were really hoping that Iris would have been born by our visit but that wasn't the case, but we were so excited to see them! We enjoyed some yummy dinner and a couple rounds of Rack-O before heading back to Waco.

Sunday morning we got up fairly early to get on the road but we had to make one more stop by Magnolia and Suspension Bridge. We also grabbed some coffee and muffins from Olive Branch Cafe & Bakery--super yummy and the cashier loves Fayetteville. 

We really had the best weekend!! I'm so thankful for my mom who took me on such a fun trip and for my sweet hubby who take care of our babies while I was gone. 
If you have any questions about visiting Waco or taking a trip, please feel free to ask!!
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Three {Point} Five

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

 Our sweet boy is 3.5 today so naturally I thought it was a good time for a little update on him. He's so big these days and I just can't handle his "big boy" tendencies at times; he's such a protector and lover.

{one} Wyatt is a bit of a worrier and scaredy-cat. We were driving around one day in Fayetteville and he was so concerned because he didn't know where we were, or how to get back to Mimi's house. 

{two} To go along with #1, he's a bit of a softy. He's pretty sensitive and it doesn't take much to hurt his feelings. I'm not gonna lie, I love it. He's a big ol' teddy!

{three} He loves meeting new people and digs right in with other kids. This is a big change from when he was younger--he used to be super timid. We went to a story time today and were running late. He jumped right in with the other kids (that he didn't know) and was quick to answer questions posed by the teacher.

{four} He says the funniest things--"Oh my gosh!" "Right, right. I know, right." He sounds just like his Mimi in conversation.

 {five} He loves TV and movies and gets in fixes of watching the same things over and over. Right now he's all about movies with talking dogs and cats. Like real dogs and cats that talk, not animated.

{six} Wyatt's a pretty big kid--about 43 inches tall and 40-45 pounds. He's the same size or bigger than most of the kids in the class above him. I have a hard time carrying him, but thankfully he's good with cuddling in my lap. He also tried to pick Stella up for the first time yesterday, he put her down pretty quick. 

{seven} Speaking of Sissy, he loves her so much. He wants her to do everything with him, when they're not arguing over a toy. He was so excited for her when she started sliding with him a week ago. We love to cuddle up in Sissy's bed every night and read books, they love the cuddles.

{eight} He's a pretty picky eater and gags at the sight of certain food (or pumpkin guts). He's getting a little better with at least trying some foods, but sometimes we don't even push the subject. 

{nine} He has become pretty talkative about the moon and stars and loves to sit outside and look at them. He talks about satellites and astronauts. Never know, may have a future astronaut on our hands. 

{ten}  He likes to be outside too but prefers to be outside with friends or daddy, over mommy. He loves to help daddy with...whatever, build fires, swing, kick the soccer ball around, ride his ziggle bike, and jump on the trampoline. 

We couldn't ask for a more sensitive, hardworking, and loving little boy. 

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Mimi and Me Do Waco: Magnolia Market

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

So, unless you've been living under a rock, then you've probably heard of Fixer Upper , Magnolia Market, or at least Chip & Joanna Gaines. My mom and I have been pretty obsessed with their show on HGTV since it first aired, and we finally made the trip to Waco this past weekend. We had so much fun on our first mother/daughter trip since 2004--but still didn't see everything we wanted (just a great excuse to go back)!!

We got on the road Thursday afternoon and our first stop was Bill Clinton's first home in Hope, Arkansas. We've both lived in Arkansas our entire lives but this was a first for us! We didn't actually tour the home--because, well, time--but we did walk around and took a few selfies.

Our next stop was in Dallas--In-N-Out, of course. And it did not disappoint. 

We arrived in Waco around 8 or so and got checked into the hotel, and then we did a little sight-seeing. Let me just say, if you go to Waco then you must tour the downtown area at night--it's beautiful. Of course our first stop was the Magnolia Silos, and it does not disappoint at night. We drove around the Waco Suspension Bridge and Waco Riverwalk that runs along the Brazos River. The "Branding the Brazos" Sculpture is super eerie but amazing, it looked as though the longhorns would come to life.

After driving around a bit we headed back to the hotel to get some rest for a full day on Friday. Magnolia!! 

Friday morning we slept in, and by we I mean, I. I slept in until 9:00--it was glorious!! We immediately got ready and headed to the Magnolia Silos. Y'all, it's beautiful. Everything about it is just perfection. There are flowers everywhere, there are kids literally playing in the huge yard, people shopping & eating. It's like a little community within itself.

Our first stop was the bakery. The line wrapped around the corner but they have a quick routine and it moved quickly. We ordered two cupcakes--Lemon Lavender & Campfire, The Silo Cookie, and The Prize Pig (basically a biscuit with chopped bacon and cheese baked in). All of it was delicious and really reasonably priced. 

There were a ton of people there, the employees kept saying it was a really busy for a Friday. We spent about 4-5 hours there, just walking around and taking it all in. We ate our baked goods when we got there and before we left we split a grilled cheese sandwich from one of the food trucks--Cheddar Box. 

I didn't buy much--a shirt (for Sean) and a hat for myself. Honestly, I just didn't see much of anything that I just HAD to have, I was there more for the experience and the sights. Mom found a couple of things--Christmas gifts and such. 

But the best part was when we were checking out. I saw a woman walking around straightening up and chatting with shoppers and thought she looked familiar, so I nudged mom and asked her if it was Jo's mom. Mom wasn't sure so when we got up to the register I asked the cashier quietly if it was her and she just smirked and shook her head. Of course we had to get a picture with her!

After we left Magnolia was headed down the street to Spice Market--a collection of shops all under one roof. We ended the night with dinner and relaxing in the hotel.

Next up: Waco Tours with David Ridley!!

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{FIVE} Favorite Moments of the Week

Friday, October 21, 2016

As you're reading this...I'm outta' here! My mom and I are in Waco for a girl's trip, our first trip alone together since 2004! Sean's holding down the fort and I know they're having the best time! Although, I'm sure we're having more fun!!
(You can catch all of our fun on Snapchat--ash_dorey)

Finally got a little fall decor out this past week, and Stella's a fan. And how Scary Cute is our little pumpkin?!! And that attitude...it's real.

Speaking of our big girl...she finally conquered the green tunnel slide at our park! I really think Wyatt was much more excited about the ordeal--he kept dragging her up over and over! 

We got costumes this week!! Stella wasn't really up for pictures, so you'll have to wait and check hers out later! But this guy, he's super stoked about his Darth Vader costume!

My little dancing princess! Gosh, she's loving dance class and is doing so well! Their tap dance song is the Minnie Mouse Boutique song and she's obsessed--I'm so excited for her!

If you've missed my other posts from this week, here they are:
Stella's Second Birthday Party
Pumpkin Patch
Mister Grey

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and I can't wait to share our weekend with you next week!

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Mister Grey

Thursday, October 20, 2016

This week has not been the easiest of weeks, we had to say goodbye to our dear Mister Grey on Monday, October 17. He lived a long and happy 16ish years. 

He was the first pet that Sean and I shared together. He was a stray that we rescued in 2002 and he has lived with Sean's family, my family, and then finally lived with both of us when we had our first place. 

He was so not happy when we brought home his companion, Ollie, in 2007 but eventually learned to love him so much. He was patient when we brought a dog into his home, and even more patient when two babies took over his home. 

He loved to be outside in the sunshine, to curl up in a good pile of dirty clothes, and sleep in our warm bathroom while we showered.

We're going to miss our grumpy old man so much; our home just isn't quite the same without him under foot.

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Pumpkin Patch 2016

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Over the weekend we had family in town to celebrate Stella's second birthday, and to continue the fun we headed to a pumpkin patch! Unfortunately the weather didn't really cooperate--it was warm and humid, but the kids had a great time! With the exception of breaking their mama's heart because they didn't want to do the hayride--it's too "woud".


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