The History Behind Our Home

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Who doesn't love a house with a little history! 
Our new home is built on the foundation of an old barn. 

Our neighborhood sits on what was once a family farm. They slowly began selling off the land and building new homes 20+ years ago. The original farm house was torn down in 2001.

The builder of our home wanted a fun new project and decided to purchase this space, tear down most of the existing barn, and build a home. On the main level of our home there is still some pre-existing beams from the barn. 

The history behind the home was a definitely a major selling feature for us. 
Along with the large pole barn (turned garage).

A lot of love and hard work have gone into making our house feel more like home during the past 9+ months. Always more projects to come but thankful for this little gem. 

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Our First NE Snow Day

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

A couple weeks ago we had our first snow day here in New England. 
We got about 5" and enjoyed every bit of it - from sledding, to snowballs & snow angels, and everything in-between!

Daddy created the best sledding and tubing hill for us. 
Although, I'm pretty sure he did it more for himself. 😉 

And let’s not even ignore the fact that the kids' favorite thing about the snow ice cream. 
Claire asks for it on the daily.

Now we're just waiting for this weekend and hopefully another big snow!

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Hello From Massachusetts!

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

What?! Are you confused? Probably not, if you're family or you follow us on any social media. And that's not even half of what has happened since the last time I 2019. Just months before the world shut down. 

Since I'm two years behind, I'll start with a couple quick recaps on all the things. 

1. First, and foremost, obviously we added a new family member! Our fourth, and final, baby was born in February of 2020. 
2. Like everyone else, we spent a lot of time at home. So why not teach the kids some new skills?! 
3. We survived a new baby, virtual school with two, and a toddler. 
4. Adopted a kitten -- Penelope (Penny)
5. Celebrated holidays and had more summer family time at home. 
6. Decided to social distance in a house at the beach for a week with our Mimi.
7. In September daddy started doing a lot of traveling to California, which meant lots of time with grandparents on the weekends. 
8. Decided "why not adopt a dog" (after we knew we were about to move across the country). 
9. Wyatt and Stella started in-person school with masks. 

So, how did we end up in MA? In the midst of all of Sean's travels to California, he was offered a position in MA. He interviewed in November and by the last week of December our house was basically sold.
Yea, it was a wild year.

1. Mid-January Sean moved NE with a truck full of clothes, pulling a car, and moved into a hotel.
2. At the end of January, Hayden and I made a quick weekend trip to visit MA and put in an offer on an unfinished home. 
3. During the month of February we said a lot of sad "see ya' laters" and had some fun memories in Arkansas.  Including a huge snow storm. 
4. The last week of February packers and movers loaded up all 14 years of our Camden home and headed NE. 
5. We followed a few days later with a car full of kids, two cats, and a dog. Plus a trailer full of stuff for temporary living. We drove for two straight days through snow storms and frigid temps, but made it to our very cozy 3 bedroom apartment. (Where we endured 6 weeks of virtual school...)
6. The first week of April we were finally able to move into our permanent home and start planting some roots.
7. We visited some new areas and have tried to experience as much as possible so far.
8. We've also loved having family visit and showing them around our new home.
9. Looking forward to all of the fun that's still to be had! 

That should bring us pretty close to where we are today. So far we're healthy and doing okay in this new year. Although, I did just order at-home COVID tests, so....pretty normal??

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That One Time We Celebrated 10 Years of Marriage

Thursday, December 5, 2019

This past June, Sean and I celebrated 10 years of marriage. Where does the time go?? Just look at these babies who met in high school...

We went back to where we had our honeymoon, which is what we always said we would do. And while we were there decided we needed to go back every 5 years...
Cumberland Island, you hold such a special place in our hearts. 

The Greyfield Inn is the only "hotel" on the island, but it's the best all inclusive experience.  It's basically the most perfect place in the whole world...and that's saying a lot since I haven't actually seen the whole world.'s just the perfect mixture of everything. 
Romance, private beaches, amazing food, outdoor activities, wild horses, get it. 

Plum Orchard


We did a little bit of everything and it was perfect. I mean, but let's not sugar coat the car sickness I had on the way there (no I wasn't pregnant...yet), or the horrible sunburn I got on my legs. But even with that I can still say it was a perfect trip with my most favorite person. 

Cheers to 10 (and a half) years, babe! Let's have a baby! 

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That One Time We Traveled to Colorado

Thursday, November 21, 2019

...the day after Christmas. 
This about sums up how the drive went...blurry and all! haha!

But in all was beautiful, cold, exhausting, fun, and an experience.
We're typically the beach-going type but decided to spice up this family vacation. We had so much fun...even though it didn't all go as planned.

We did our fair share of sledding, tubing, ice skating, eating, and just playing in snow (which we get so little of in south Arkansas). Sean and I also had an amazing snowmobiling experience; so fun! 

We definitely plan to go back...when all of our kids can walk. Wyatt was actually so confused as to why we weren't going back this year; they loved it so much! 
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