The History Behind Our Home

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Who doesn't love a house with a little history! 
Our new home is built on the foundation of an old barn. 

Our neighborhood sits on what was once a family farm. They slowly began selling off the land and building new homes 20+ years ago. The original farm house was torn down in 2001.

The builder of our home wanted a fun new project and decided to purchase this space, tear down most of the existing barn, and build a home. On the main level of our home there is still some pre-existing beams from the barn. 

The history behind the home was a definitely a major selling feature for us. 
Along with the large pole barn (turned garage).

A lot of love and hard work have gone into making our house feel more like home during the past 9+ months. Always more projects to come but thankful for this little gem.