A Unicorn Celebration for Stella and Claire

Monday, November 18, 2019

We celebrated our girls this weekend with a laid back, unicorn, party. 
The celebration included some of their closest friends, pizza, unicorn tattoos, cupcakes, and a pinata. 


A few "highlights":
Claire thought the pinata was so fun, and wanted to keep hitting it. 
One of the friends peed off the playhouse balcony.
Hot chocolate was a good idea...until it was spilled all over Stella and her friend. 
The pizza was devoured in about 15 minutes. 
Once we realized the pinata was not going to break easily, some of the mom's took a turn. 
Sean was the only daddy at the party...during hunting season. (See picture below.) 
Boys are rough. Period.
Stella cried...more than once.

We were supposed to celebrate our girls a couple weeks ago but had to postpone due to illness. But I think it was a wonderful success and the girls had a wonderful time! 

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