Six and Seven Months of Claire

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Claire Baby,

What a couple of months this has been---we've been go, go, go and you have not missed a beat! You make adventuring so easy + fun! We love watching your face light up as you take in your surroundings. I love watching you with Wyatt and Stella and learning so much from them. We love you baby!

- You are wearing size 3 diapers and 6 month clothing; some 6/9. 
- You eat any and all foods that are pureed--you prefer mommy's blends than store bought. You eat a few things cut up into small pieces. Your tummy hasn't been able to handle yogurt yet, but I'm not going to give up. 
- You are sleeping in your bed consistently now. Not sleeping through the night but you are in your bed. You know when it's nap or bedtime and will sometimes start crying when I walk in your room. 
- You are attached to your "blanket" and have to have it anytime you sleep, and in the car.

- You are sitting up unassisted all the time and can roll from your front to back consistently. If you are sitting and reach for something, sometimes you will go to your tummy and then roll over.
- You like to sit and play with toys, especially in Wyatt and Stella's room.
- You love blowing raspberries.
- This was the month of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. Thankfully you were spared--just fever and a little bit of a sore mouth. There were one or two bumps on your face.

- We also traveled a lot--the Little Rock Zoo, Hot Springs (Magic Springs), Van Buren + Fayetteville.
- And swam, swam, swam! You love the pool and splashing around, but are also really content hanging out on the side snacking + sleeping.
- We celebrated Mother's Day, mama's birthday, Father's Day, Stella's Dance recital, Wyatt's pre-k graduation, and an amazing summer!
- You're working on saying "da-da-da" and signing "more" and "all done". 
- We're amazed everyday by what new thing you learn and start showing us!

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