Four and Five Months of Claire

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Claire Baby,

Where do I even begin?? I have never known a baby to be so happy on such little sleep! There are days when you nap for about an hour all day and, yet, you giggle and smile at everyone. You have never met a stranger...unless you're hungry. Your whole face lights up when you see your Daddy, Wyatt, or Stella. You make us all so happy with your infectious grins and giggles. We are so happy you're ours!
- You are growing, growing, growing!
- You are wearing size 2 diapers but our next box will be 3s, and you're mainly wearing 3/6 and 6 month clothing. Occasionally I squeeze you into some 3 month pants or something.
- You have started eating solids: butternut squash, sweet potato, avocado, pears, apples, carrots...and you are all about FOOD.
- You made your first trip to NWA to visit family! You met so many of your aunts, uncles, cousins, and Pa + grandparents you have already met. 
- Sleep is still hit and miss at night but we are being very consistent with your bedtime routine: dinner, bath, sleepsuit, nurse, bed. And you finally spent an entire night in your bed!

- You are doing so much better at tummy time and seem to, sometimes, enjoy it. You have rolled over from your belly to back two times, but haven't done it since. 
- You really enjoy sitting up and are getting pretty good at sitting up with the Boppy around you. 
- You have discovered that we have a cat, Ollie, and you enjoy "talking" to him when he meows. 
- Speaking of, you are amazing at mimicking what we say/do. You started "waving" at people the other day as they walked by and talked to you. It, of course, was precious. 
- You now love to grab my neck and squeeze when I'm rocking you to sleep...I have the bruises to prove it. 
- You are so chatty and love talk, talk, talking. And you light up so much when you see your daddy--I think he's your favorite. 

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