Two and Three Months of Claire

Monday, March 5, 2018

Our Little Claire Bear,

You are growing, growing, growing and have big goals to catch up with your brother and sister. You have the sweetest demeanor and the best cuddles; your happiness is contagious. You are an excellent eater and mommy is patiently waiting for you to be ready for some solids. Wyatt and Stella have to know where you are at all times and are always sure to let me know if you're crying (as if I can't hear you). We all love you so much, little 'Chickmunk'! 

- Sleep is still very hit and miss; some nights are great and others are just terrible. Naps too, some days you will take a couple really good naps and others you take 5 (or more) cat naps. I think you just know you are missing out on something. 
- You are getting better at tummy time but still really don't care for it after too long. You are not rolling over yet but I think we're getting close. You definitely know how to use your legs to scoot around; makes it hard changing your diaper at times. 
- You are our little chatter box and you're always smiling; especially at daddy. You get so excited when he gets home in the evenings. 
- You love to sit up, not lie down. You have to see what is going on...and the TV. You LOVE to watch TV.

- We weighed you last week and you are weighing right around 13.5 pounds. 
- You took a couple of bottles this month! This is huge considering Stella refused bottles. Mommy can actually leave you for more than two hours at a time. 
- Speaking of, you have stayed with two different friends this past month. This is the earliest I've left any of my babies but you're just that happy & content; you make it easy on me. 
- You have mastered grabbing at toys and putting them in your mouth. You also started shaking toys, like rattles, to hear the sounds.
- We also think you might be teething, which would be the earliest any of our babies have had teeth. 
- You are making it especially hard for me to say "I'm finished" with babies.

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