A Month of Favorites

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Claire's first month has been full of so many sweet moments. She's so loved by Wyatt and Stella; they're never far away. Claire enjoys their sweet cuddles and playtime and studying all of their little details. So many times I have to pinch myself just to make sure they all are truly mine.

 Don't get me wrong, there are definitely moments of struggle. Times when I'm not sure if we'll survive the day, or even the morning; making it to school on time is definitely a struggle. There are times of jealousy between them and times where no one is content. Some days we don't get dressed and spend way too much time staring at screens. 

I know this is a time that I won't ever forget. I'm soaking up all of the moments, all of the story reading, all of the mornings spent cuddled up in my bed watching cartoons. The days are going by too fast. Next year Wyatt will be in Kindergarten and our days will be so different without him.

So for now we will continue to have fun, cuddle, and just be together.

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