Hubbs Family Beach Vacation

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

It's always a good problem to have when there are just too many pictures to choose from! Here's just a glimpse of our week at the beach with my dad, step-mom, + family. And yes, there are more posts to come from this trip because, well, I just want to share every.single.picture. You're welcome!

Stella did so well this regards to the beach in general. Still not a fan of the actual ocean but she didn't complain about the sand once. And she and Wyatt both made it several hours playing without any meltdowns. Win!

However, both kiddos did end up getting sick. boo! Wyatt had a little tummy bug that lasted a couple days and Stella had/has a major runny nose. And she is always quick to tell us when she has "bugers!!". 
The rain was also not our fan. We lost our last two days at the beach due to storms but still managed to keep busy and have some fun!

Such a fun week and it's making me really sad that our summer is coming to an end. Already looking forward to the fun we'll have next summer! 

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