28 Weeks {Baby Dorey #3}

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Size of Baby: I'm currently 28 weeks (+3 days) and our baby girl weighs about 2.2 pounds + is measuring about 14.8", or the size of an eggplant. 

Total Weight Gain: I've gained around 25ish pounds. I'm 5 pounds away from where I was when I delivered Wyatt + Stella...and I have roughly 12 weeks to go. I'll definitely be surpassing that weight very soon. But I do know that I weighed more when I got pregnant this time around, so I'm trying to factor that in and not get discouraged.

Symptoms: About two weeks ago I was having some really bad restless leg syndrome at bedtime. Most nights I was sleeping propped up for a majority of the night. I have since cut coffee completely out of my diet and I really try to limit any/all caffeine. The past week, or so, has been much better. 

There was a little concern at my doctor's appointment two weeks ago that I may have placenta previa. I had a follow-up ultrasound today and thankfully it has moved up and out of the way! Plus I got to see our baby girl one last time & she was kicking away!

Food Cravings/Aversions: I've had a few cravings the past couple of weeks for sweets, particularly sweet tea and graham crackers (sweet crackers). 

Movement: Lots and lots of nudges, kicks, and rolls! She's usually most active when it's quiet, aka kids are sleeping. But Wyatt did feel and see her kicks the other day, and Stella may have. She always says "she's kicking!"

Purchases: We bought bunk beds for Wyatt and Stella + new bedding for them. I've bought a few little things for baby sister but we're not going to do to much to Stella's old room. I did pull down all of Stella's NB-3/6 month clothes and started washing them.

Best Moment of the Week: Some great news at our ultrasound AND we officially have a name...like it's now permanent.;) Can't wait to share soon!

Looking Forward To: Honestly, the kids starting school...  But since that doesn't happen until after Labor Day, I'm looking forward to some family time Labor Day weekend!

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