FAQ: Baby Dorey #3

Monday, May 15, 2017

Thank you so much for all of the sweet comments and love you've shown our family over this announcement! We could not be more excited to welcome a new little wild one to our crew in November. Although, we think Stella may be the most excited! 

We've received plenty of questions regarding Baby Dorey #3 so I thought I'd try and answer them all in once place. 

Were you trying to conceive? Absolutely! I quit taking birth control in October and thus began our journey.

When did you find out?/How far along are you? We found out we were expecting on March 2nd. I was about 3.5 weeks pregnant but my apps were urging me to test. So of course I had to listen. I got a very faint positive on the test that I had, so while the kids were at school I took a digital test. I actually took the test in Wal-Mart. That puts me at 14 weeks today!

How did I tell Sean? I told Sean when he came home from work that evening. I had the letter board and pregnancy test on the table for him.

Do Wyatt and Stella know?/How did you tell them? Wyatt and Stella do know. We didn't really do anything cute to tell them. I just kind of started talking about there being a baby in my tummy. Stella picked up on it pretty quick and was immediately excited. Wyatt took a bit longer to warm up to the idea--not that he was mad/upset, just wasn't sure about it. This past week has been the first time he's shown excitement on his own.

How are you feeling? Starting to feel better--morning sickness and exhaustion have had me down for the better part of 10 weeks. I'm looking forward to this second trimester and feeling better. 

Has this pregnancy been similar to your other two? Umm, no. It's been a lot more difficult in pretty much all aspects. More exhaustion, more morning sickness, more food aversions, and more aches/pains. This was the first pregnancy where I had bad morning sickness--mainly nausea but I did get sick a couple of times. I was asked by multiple family members pretty early on if it was twins, just because it's been so different. 

How many check-ups have you had? We have been to our OB twice. We went once at 9.5 weeks and had an ultrasound. He/she was measuring right on track for November 13. Our second appointment was at 13.5 weeks and we were able to hear the heartbeat for the first time--so reassuring! 

Will you find out the gender? YES! I absolutely can not wait until our appointment in July when we will find out! I have suspicions that it's a boy, just based on my cravings (they're very similar to what I had with Wyatt).

Thank you all again for sharing in our excitement about this pregnancy! I'm hoping to do some weekly updates but definitely can't promise one every week. And it feels so good to have this out and the open, it's so hard keeping a secret like this and be real!

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