two {point} five

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

So hard to believe that our little Cupcake Monster is 2.5 today! It's so surreal to think about her as such a big girl and not just our baby girl. 

She's definitely grown into her own little personality and is full of giggles, independence, and sass. She finds joy in changing clothes (countless times a day + it's usually pajamas), copying what I say (especially when it's directed towards Wyatt), and doing anything + everything that Wyatt does.

Likes: You are still attached to your pink blanket. You still love your Wyatt--some days more than others, babies (real & dolls), being outside (especially the park), baths, animals (particularly cats & dogs), shoes, books, swinging, cuddles, movies (current favs: Trolls, Moana, Secret Life of Pets, + Sing)
Dislikes: Basically just being told no, and not being held when you want to be. You also don't like to be helped with things (opening snacks, putting on shoes, getting dressed, etc.)

Sleep: Thankfully you're still a great sleeper at night. You go down around 7:30 at night and wake around 7 in the morning. You still take a nap in the afternoon around 1:30 for about 2 hours.
Favorite Things to Say: You say everything--sometimes too much. You went through a "stop it" phase where you would say it to me if you didn't like what I was saying. You really just enjoy copying things that people say, so sometimes we hear Wyatt say something + you chime in right after.
Favorite Songs: Your favorite songs right now are songs from movies. We have the Trolls, Moana, and Sing soundtracks and you love them all.
Favorite Foods: Noodles (butter, spaghetti, pasta salad, cheesy), pepperoni, chips/crackers, veggie/fruit pouches, Nature Valley bars, tuna, strawberries, smoothies, and yogurt.
Learning: You know your colors and how to count to 10. We've also been working on letters but most of the time you call everything 'A'. You are still loving school and dance class!
Potty Training: We transitioned to pull-ups, mainly because they were easier for you to use when pooping, which you do consistently in the potty. We are going to start potty training as soon as school is out.

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