Easter 2017

Monday, April 17, 2017

Thought I'd share a little re-cap of our Easter celebrations from this past weekend. We had a pretty low-key weekend but it was still lots of fun!

Our Easter celebrations started on Thursday with the kids' Easter parties at school. Unfortunately I was not able to attend but I know they had a great time. Although, Wyatt definitely noticed that I was not present and was really happy to be reunited with Mama.

Saturday we had our annual Easter egg hunt at church. Wyatt was pretty concerned when we arrived and there was not bounce house in sight, but thankfully that didn't last long.

They loved hunting for eggs! But it's still so fun to watch them pass 20 eggs for one, I really wish I knew there thought process. Stella arrived to the hunt with her own eggs and spent a majority of the time deciding which ones to keep. And she gave all of the Paw Patrol eggs she found to Wyatt. She really can be sweet.

Stella was much more concerned with the Easter bunny, and I'm pretty sure she'd follow that guy home if we didn't watch her. She hugged him (or her??) multiple times and kept him in her sight.

Sunday we stuck with our normal church routine. I gave Sean the option for pictures with the tripod or someone at church taking one. Obviously he voted for the tripod. And I'm not complaining. 

Notice a difference on Wyatt?? Yep, that's the haircut he got the night before Easter. He told me to stop rubbing it so it wouldn't fall off. He's precious.

Our Sunday was pretty laid-back--church, Home Depot, naps, smoked chicken, and playing outside. Just the perfect kind of day.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter with your family! 

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