Afternoons with {READ WITH FONICS}

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Since Wyatt has dropped naps altogether, afternoons with can sometimes get a little long. Especially when it's spring and raining almost everyday. We were recently introduced to a new app, Read with Fonics, and it has been such a game-changer for us.

Read with Fonics

I was a little nervous when I was first introduced to the app. Honestly, I thought it would be too difficult for Wyatt. I have been so blown away by how well he does at connecting the letters and sounds. 

Read with Fonics

There are four worlds that children can explore, each one being a little more difficult than the one before. With Read with Fonics children can learn 44 phonics sounds, play 116 different phonics games, and learn to read 1,200+ words. 

Read with Fonics

I highly recommend this app for parents, teachers, daycares. I feel like there is never a bad time to encourage our children to read, and why not make it fun! You can access the app in the following forms:

Google Play

Let me know if you have tried Read with Fonics or if it sounds like something you'd like to  try with your kids!

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