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Friday, March 10, 2017

This week has been one of those weeks. I'm just plum exhausted. I worked out of the home twice this week which is always so much more exhausting...early mornings and creates more work for the afternoons. But we did manage to have some fun too! 


The weather here has been a bit hit or miss. Cool days mixed with warm days, rainy days mixed with some sun. Monday we were kept busy with some indoor fun. Including my least favorite activity...play-doh. ugh.


Wednesday was a beautiful day with sun and warm temps. Stella and I got a little sun on our faces, the first of the season. We spent a couple of hours at the park with friends and then enjoyed some more outdoor time after naps. Well, Stella's nap.


Stella is still loving dance. And I could not pass up the chance to take some pictures of her in her precious attire and pigtails. I was so proud that she actually left her hair alone for most of the day. She just melts my heart. 


I had to pick the kids up early from school on Thursday because Stella was running a fever. Boo. Wyatt was sad to have to leave early but it was really only by about 30 minutes. I treated them with a Sonic lunch and watching Trolls before Stella's nap. Wyatt could hardly wait for her to wake up so they could go outside and play...he actually went into her room while she was still sleeping (thankfully she didn't wake up). 

If you missed it this week, I did actually blog twice this week (THREE with this post)...it may be a record for this new year! 

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Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Hoping Stella is feeling better very soon. But either way, we're going to enjoy our rainy Saturday.

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