Thursday Confessions

Thursday, February 9, 2017

It's been a little quiet around here lately so I thought I'd share some fun confessions to spice things up a bit.

one||I got a haircut today. I haven't had it cut since September. And before that, December 2015. Obviously I'm not a fan of getting my haircut.

two||It drives me nuts when Stella won't nap. I don't know why, it's not like she's bothering me; she plays happily in her room until I go get her. I just can't fully relax when she's awake.

three||Speaking of naps...I've had to shorten Wyatt's naps & I'm not real happy about it. He just doesn't sleep well at night when he naps for too long or late.

four||I don't really care for Facebook anymore. There's just really nothing that I care to see or read, it's just videos, rants, + useless information. I'd rather just scroll through Instagram for an hour.

five||Wyatt and I had a tough morning. He wasn't listening to me, and would basically just do the opposite of whatever I said. Long story short, he lost his iPad + TV for the day, and now I feel like I'm in timeout.

six||Wyatt knows that I love Fixer Upper so if he's trying to get some extra TV time out of me, he just starts one of those. I hate that he's so smart.

seven||I won a shop credit on Instagram at the beginning of January. There was a communication issue and I just got the discount code, and now the site is basically sold out. Boo.
Well, now it's time for me to wake Wyatt up...yay. Maybe I'll have a post up tomorrow too...don't hold your breath.
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