{FIVE} Favorite Moments of the Week

Friday, February 3, 2017

The weekend is finally here and I'm so happy about it!! But I think I'm even more excited that it's not supposed to rain all weekend, like it was supposed to. 

We had a pretty great week + enjoyed some awesome weather. Which apparently is not going to last...according to a groundhog. Anyways, here's what we've been up to this week!


We were expecting lots of rain towards the end of this week/weekend so Sean scrambled around to get the playhouse roof completed. It's done + looks great, and now we can start on the fun stuff!


I've been trying to use my "big camera" more and experiment a little with different things. Wednesday morning was definitely not warm but Stella was not about to wear her wet pants. Of course (insert eye roll). But I took these pictures and thought they were pretty cute. So there's that.


Like I mentioned, we did have some warm + spring-like weather towards the beginning of the week, which allowed us to hit up the park 3 days in a row. Nothing like burning that energy! The best part...there were actually kids to play with each time we went (that weren't planned). Score!

I mean, how can I not share this cutie?!! Stella loves dance! She loves her teacher, she loves the dancing, and the tumbling, and the girls, and just all of it! But when I get in that room (once every other month) to watch, she freezes. Stops completely. So we'll see how that recital in May goes. Ha!


I promise I'm not trying to become any kind of fashion blogger. I don't have the style, the money, or heck even the stores, but I do love sharing what I'm wearing. Plus it motivates me to put something cute on to take a picture. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend. No real plans here but hanging + trying to rest. What about y'all, do you have any fun plans?!!

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