An Update on Dropping Nap-Time

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Wyatt has officially gone almost an entire week without naps. And I'm tired. But seriously, the adjustment has been so much easier than I anticipated. 
I was so worried that I would go completely crazy with him being with me all.the.time. but it hasn't happened. Yet. Honestly, I just save all of his screen time for this time of day. Fortunately, Stella could really care less about TV or movies so she doesn't mind not having it during the day. And thankfully the weather has been (mostly) cooperative and allowed us a lot of outside time.

So basically he wakes up at 6, which is the same time he woke up when he did take a nap, and he goes to bed at 7. On the dot. Before he was waking at 6, taking a nap from roughly 2-4, and going to bed around 8/830 (but sometimes not falling asleep until 9 or later). We feel that this is definitely an improvement all around. 
The quiet time we have in the evening from 7-10 is just so nice and I have plenty of time to finish anything I may not have gotten done during the day. Or I just sit and do absolutely nothing. In silence.
And if you're wondering, yes, Stella goes down when Wyatt does. She doesn't nap consistently anyway but she always plays in her room for the duration of "nap time". That may change once she figures out how to open her door, but let's hope not. 
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