Our Weekend

Monday, January 30, 2017

 Our weekend was all kinds of laid-back + sort of relaxing. Of course I say sort of, because can you really relax when there are two toddler running around?? 
 But we definitely had some fun. 

It started Friday night when daddy finally got Wyatt's new-to-us go-cart running. It's actually the same go-cart I grew up riding at my grandparent's. Fun huh?! I think he's going to love it...well, he and daddy. It's a tad bit faster than we thought.

Saturday morning was pretty lazy. We played and chilled before daddy headed out to work on the playhouse. The kids and I hung inside a bit longer since it was still too cold (for mama) outside.


We got a good hour outside before heading in for lunch and naps. 
Swinging. trampoline-ing, + playing. 
And yes, the kids wore their jammies outside to play.

After naps + chores we all headed to the grocery store for our weekly trip. I prefer to go by myself but if I'm going to take kids then at least I have help. Sean and I watched Demolition with Jake Gyllenhaal after the kids went to bed. Seen it? It was ok, a little sad.
Sunday morning Sean cooked us a yummy breakfast before heading out the door to church. Ok, now for vote...Stella's hat + jacket:
a. adorable
b. she looks like an orphan
You can guess what her daddy said. She's adorable.
The rest of Sunday was spent being lazy...well, for the kids and I. Daddy worked on the playhouse. It's pretty impossible for him to be lazy.

How about y'all, did you have a good weekend? Do anything super exciting?

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