Our Weekend

Monday, December 12, 2016

 Our weekend was filled with all kinds of Christmas fun! Parties, parades, and cookies--oh my!

The fun started Friday night with Sean's company Christmas party. We enjoyed a great night with friends, stayed out way past our bedtime, and definitely paid for it on Saturday. 

Saturday, since daddy had to work, the kids and I baked some cookies and delivered them to neighbors and the police station. I wasn't feeling too hot, after our late night on Friday, but thank goodness we survived until naptime.

After naps we all felt much better and got up and around for our town's Christmas parade. We enjoyed the show with our friends--although I think we all would have been ok with less honking. We finished out our night with some take-out and video games!

Sunday, oh Sunday....Sunday was a mess. We got up and ready for church, well, I got the kids up and ready for church, since Sean had to work. Took these adorable pictures. Walked out to get into the car to find it locked...with my keys nowhere in sight. I got the spare out, which was dead. Looked for my keys. And then we went back to our jammies. Spent the entire day looking for my keys, only to find them in the car once Sean got it unlocked. First time I think I've ever been ready for a Monday....
At least these babes are cute.

 How about y'all, how was your weekend?? I'm tired, and ready for Sean to have a day off. But thankful for a fun weekend and a husband who works hard for us.

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