A Weekend Re-cap

Monday, December 5, 2016

We had a holly jolly weekend! We're busy the next three weekends with all things Christmas and I'm most definitely not sad about it!

Friday afternoon and evening Sean worked on getting our lights up. Wyatt and Stella (and our neighbors) were so happy to see them complete! I think I love them more than our tree. Our pine trees are the tallest on the street and so you can see them from all around.

While daddy was outside in the cold, the kids and I worked on getting their trees decorated. We've had them up all week but we finally got around to decorating--read, they needed their matching pajamas on before decorating. ;) 

Saturday was rainy, which made it perfect for working on cards for our mail carrier for #25DaysofKindness2016. Then we got ready for the kids Christmas party put on by Sean's company. They always have a bowling party and Wyatt absolutely loves it! We also managed to get our FIRST Santa picture taken (which hopefully Sean's picking up today)! 

Saturday night was filled with pizza, football, and after the kids went to bed--a Westworld binge session. We just started watching it this weekend and are obsessed. 

Our Sunday was complete with church, leftover pizza, naps, & Westworld. Oh, and Sean got our tree out of the attic so that'll finally get done today!

Hope you all had a great weekend too! What holiday activities did you do??

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