Weekend Rewind {Farm Edition}

Monday, November 7, 2016

What an amazing weekend (well, minus the whole daylight savings thing). Fall is finally here and it couldn't have come at a better time! 

Over the weekend the kids and I headed to NW Arkansas to visit my dad's family and my grandparents. I had told Sean that I would give him a weekend "off" since I had one a couple weeks ago. So to the "sarm" we went! 

My dad has had a farm for about a year and this was my first time to visit! Needless to say, we all fell in love with it. Wide open spaces, beautiful views, and cows. When we arrived Thursday evening we headed straight there and the kids were in heaven; especially Stella, who has decided that cows are her favorite animal.

Friday morning everyone headed off to work and school so the kids and I headed to my grandparents place (right down the road). We spent the entire day with them and it was the best. They've lived in the same house since my dad was a kid, so to see Wyatt and Stella playing in the same places that I did is so fun.

  The kids rode "horses" (mine from when I was about Stella's age), blew up balloons, colored, played trains, ran around outside, and just enjoyed the time.

 After naps we headed back out to the "sarm" for a little cookout and hayride with family! Wyatt loved helping Grandpa, and playing with anything and everything he could find in his truck. Stella immediately went to the cows, our little cow herder.

 Saturday morning the boys headed back out to the "sarm" to do some work. They ended up being gone about 8 hours and Wyatt returned exhausted. While they were out there, the girl's headed out for some shopping (looking, rather), exploring, and tea.

We visited the cutest tea shop, Savoy Tea Co. They have the cutest decor, a large variety of teas, and the cutest little tea table for kids. There will definitely be a tea party in Stella's future.

 We ended our weekend with a family dinner, ice cream and some star gazing (sort of)...we found the moon. ;)  

We arrived home so happy to see daddy and our hearts were full with all the family time. I'm so excited about Christmas and seeing everyone again! 
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