That Time We Attempted to Camp with Our Kids + Played in the Leaves

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Several weeks ago we decided that we should give camping (with the kids) a try. Before making the decision to camp with the kids, we had decided that the first time we camped should probably be pretty close to home...or in the backyard.

Let me just start by saying that there were several things wrong with our first attempt at camping. One, the weather. It was far too warm (in my opinion) for camping, which obviously made it unbearable in a tent with four people. Two, we camped at home. I always thought that maybe trying it out at home would be best because, well, if it didn't work out we'd have option B (go inside). I think if we would have pushed through it may have been better. And three, we put Wyatt and Stella next to each other. Yea, that was a fail...cute, but a fail.

Stella and I ended up in the house by about 9:00--mainly because she wouldn't quit talking and singing. Wyatt and Sean pushed through, but after Wyatt fell off the mattress a couple of times and Sean spent the night sweating his butt off, they ended up inside about 1 am.
We're definitely up for giving it another go! So if anyone has any tips on camping with toddlers, I'm all ears! 

In other news...we've had so much fun playing in the leaves this fall. I'm not sure how we're going to feel when daddy burns them all!

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