Our Halloween Recap

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

We've had so much fun celebrating Halloween this year! Both kids have been super excited about the entire experience and it makes the holiday so fun!
We started our Halloween celebrations last week with the kids school parties. Thankfully both kids thoroughly enjoyed their party this year and everything went off without a hitch...minus the 10 million parents and grandparents crammed into tiny rooms.

Saturday night we attended a trick-or-treat event out at a local state park. They have a campsite so they invite all of the campers to decorate their site and pass out candy. They also have a haunted trail walk, which we did not partake in this year. The kids really enjoyed it, Stella much more so once she had a sucker in her mouth. And we made it through the dark & crowds without losing a single kid!

Over the weekend we also wore festive jammies, ate lots of candy, and painted some pumpkins. We didn't carve any pumpkins this year--Wyatt wasn't into it when they did it with his class, so I figured we'd pass.


We ended our celebrations last night with a little trick-or-treating. The kids were so into it and really enjoyed it! Wyatt was a little nervous at the first house but after that he couldn't get enough. We only walked to a few houses right around our block so they had enough candy (that we passed back out to others, sssshhhhh). After we were finished Wyatt stayed up to help Daddy pass out the candy, and I think he may have even loved that more. 

Until next year, Halloween! Hope you all had a wonderful night too! 
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