Entertaining Kids While Out & About with the KidloLand App

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Anyone who has to get out and about with toddlers, knows that it is not always the easiest task. From grocery shopping, to sitting in the doctor's office waiting room, and every errand in-between, we have all experienced bored & restless toddlers. 

Just this Fall Stella started taking dance lessons and Wyatt started taking a gymnastics class. No, they're not at the same time. So, yes, that means I spend two hours a week sitting & waiting with a restless toddler next to me. 

everything's hunky dorey

I've always been a fan of education children's apps; anything with puzzles, letters, stories, etc, I'm a fan. It makes me feel so much less guilty when I can feel like the kids are at least learning while having screen time. Cue, the KidloLand App. The KidloLand App offers such a variety of activities for kids ages 1-5.

Both Wyatt and Stella have really enjoyed having the KidloLand app. The app features 20+ activities that include: Numbers (1-100), Vehicles, Weathers & Seasons, and many more!  Wyatt prefers the Stories and Fables, while Stella prefers the Songs and Popping Time games. There are so many activities that it's hard for them to get bored because they can just move on to a new activity. It's also really easy for both of them to toggle through.

I think my favorite part is that KidloLand is available offline. Yep, that means you don't have to use your data or be in a location with WiFi. That means that while I'm sitting in gymnastics watching Wyatt, Stella can easily entertain herself.

 If you're interested in KidloLand and want more details then check in your app store:

Disclosure: KidloLand offered the kids and I a free 6 month trial in exchange for our honest opinion. All thoughts and opinions are our own.
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