Three {Point} Five

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

 Our sweet boy is 3.5 today so naturally I thought it was a good time for a little update on him. He's so big these days and I just can't handle his "big boy" tendencies at times; he's such a protector and lover.

{one} Wyatt is a bit of a worrier and scaredy-cat. We were driving around one day in Fayetteville and he was so concerned because he didn't know where we were, or how to get back to Mimi's house. 

{two} To go along with #1, he's a bit of a softy. He's pretty sensitive and it doesn't take much to hurt his feelings. I'm not gonna lie, I love it. He's a big ol' teddy!

{three} He loves meeting new people and digs right in with other kids. This is a big change from when he was younger--he used to be super timid. We went to a story time today and were running late. He jumped right in with the other kids (that he didn't know) and was quick to answer questions posed by the teacher.

{four} He says the funniest things--"Oh my gosh!" "Right, right. I know, right." He sounds just like his Mimi in conversation.

 {five} He loves TV and movies and gets in fixes of watching the same things over and over. Right now he's all about movies with talking dogs and cats. Like real dogs and cats that talk, not animated.

{six} Wyatt's a pretty big kid--about 43 inches tall and 40-45 pounds. He's the same size or bigger than most of the kids in the class above him. I have a hard time carrying him, but thankfully he's good with cuddling in my lap. He also tried to pick Stella up for the first time yesterday, he put her down pretty quick. 

{seven} Speaking of Sissy, he loves her so much. He wants her to do everything with him, when they're not arguing over a toy. He was so excited for her when she started sliding with him a week ago. We love to cuddle up in Sissy's bed every night and read books, they love the cuddles.

{eight} He's a pretty picky eater and gags at the sight of certain food (or pumpkin guts). He's getting a little better with at least trying some foods, but sometimes we don't even push the subject. 

{nine} He has become pretty talkative about the moon and stars and loves to sit outside and look at them. He talks about satellites and astronauts. Never know, may have a future astronaut on our hands. 

{ten}  He likes to be outside too but prefers to be outside with friends or daddy, over mommy. He loves to help daddy with...whatever, build fires, swing, kick the soccer ball around, ride his ziggle bike, and jump on the trampoline. 

We couldn't ask for a more sensitive, hardworking, and loving little boy. 

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