Mister Grey

Thursday, October 20, 2016

This week has not been the easiest of weeks, we had to say goodbye to our dear Mister Grey on Monday, October 17. He lived a long and happy 16ish years. 

He was the first pet that Sean and I shared together. He was a stray that we rescued in 2002 and he has lived with Sean's family, my family, and then finally lived with both of us when we had our first place. 

He was so not happy when we brought home his companion, Ollie, in 2007 but eventually learned to love him so much. He was patient when we brought a dog into his home, and even more patient when two babies took over his home. 

He loved to be outside in the sunshine, to curl up in a good pile of dirty clothes, and sleep in our warm bathroom while we showered.

We're going to miss our grumpy old man so much; our home just isn't quite the same without him under foot.

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