Mimi and Me Do Waco: Waco Tours & Austin

Thursday, October 27, 2016

This past weekend my mom and I visited Waco and did some sight-seeing. On Tuesday I shared about our full Friday at Magnolia Market and today is all about our Saturday. 

When we arrived in Waco on Thursday night we learned about Waco Tours and were immediately sold on the idea. If you're familiar with Fixer Upper than you may have seen the episode in season 3 with David Ridley--the bachelor. Well he's a co-owner and the tour guide for Waco tours--it was so fun and worth it!

I'll try really hard not to give all the details away but it was really fun--and if you follow me on Snapchat then you saw some of it already. One of our first stops was Common Grounds--really popular spot on the show and the owners were on an episode. 

Also.....this happened. We shopped for a few minutes and their home is right next door so we saw it too! We saw lots of local places and fun things to do for our next visit.

After our tour was finished we hit the road and headed to Austin for the afternoon/evening. My brother and Sis-in-law (and now neice) live in Austin. We were really hoping that Iris would have been born by our visit but that wasn't the case, but we were so excited to see them! We enjoyed some yummy dinner and a couple rounds of Rack-O before heading back to Waco.

Sunday morning we got up fairly early to get on the road but we had to make one more stop by Magnolia and Suspension Bridge. We also grabbed some coffee and muffins from Olive Branch Cafe & Bakery--super yummy and the cashier loves Fayetteville. 

We really had the best weekend!! I'm so thankful for my mom who took me on such a fun trip and for my sweet hubby who take care of our babies while I was gone. 
If you have any questions about visiting Waco or taking a trip, please feel free to ask!!
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