Summer Bucket List || Durango & Silverton Train

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

One of the best memories we took away from Colorado was riding the Durango & Silverton train. We were staying near Durango, so we departed the Durango train station and enjoyed the 3.5 hour trip north to Silverton. 

The views were absolutely breathtaking. Most of the areas we were in were only accessible by train, helicopter, or hiking. There were some bears spotted but we didn't actually see them.

Everyone had seats in the closed cars but we were free to roam to the open cars, and the concession car. I chose to remain in the closed car but Sean was able to get out and take Wyatt.


Talk about stepping back in time--Silverton was the cutest town. There main road through the middle of town was even dirt. We had about 3.5 hours in Silverton and ate lunch at the Brown Bear Cafe. The rest of the time was spent looking in all of the little shops they had.

We chose not to take the train back (3.5 hours), but instead we took the bus back (1.5 hours).  But it was such a fun experience and I really can't wait to do again with the about 10 years. 

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