Road Trip Activities for Kids

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

We are about to take off on another family adventure!! The catch?? It's going to be a 17+ hour drive in the car. Yes, we are planning to break it up into two days, but it's still a lot of time in the car. With toddlers. So I've created a little list of items that I bought as surprises, just for this trip. I plan to only give them one every couple of hours to help spread out the entertainment.

Craft Sticks || I bought these at the dollar store, along with some Velcro. I placed Velcro on both ends of each stick. They can be used to build and create, or just stick together. These don't take up much room and I'm hoping they'll bring some new entertainment.

Fuzzy Sticks || Also known as pipe cleaners. These are, again, small and can be twisted, tied, or whatever to create shapes. I may also pack a colander, you can stick the pipe cleaners through the holes. 

Glow Sticks || Wyatt is obsessed with these and we don't buy them often. He loves to connect them to wear, or just wave around and play with.

Magnetic Letters || We already had magnetic letters but I bought a new small cookie sheet so they can play with them. Obviously he's not going to be writing out words, but he can sort them letters by colors. We can also use them like flash cards.

Magna Doodle || We have never had a Magna-Doodle and I'm hoping they'll provide lots of entertainment. I ordered two so there wont be fighting over them. It's a great option instead of crayons/markers.

Flash Cards || I bought these Color/Shapes cards. It's something I can easily do with Wyatt, even from the front seat.

We will also have a new movie and the iPad. No...I'm not against screen time! ha! Please let me know if you have any other easy, small ideas that I've missed!
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