Our Weekend || A Re-Cap

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Well, it's Tuesday (that didn't happen) Wednesday and I'm really proud of myself for a getting a post about our weekend up. Let me tell you, having a "three-nager" and an almost two year old...it's not easy. The past two months have probably been the most difficult that I have faced since having kiddos, and, I'm tired. I'm pretty sure they're just trying to kick Sean and I out of the house and take over. For real. But aren't they cute??

Anyways, back to our weekend, which was great!! 
Mimi came down Wednesday night so the kids were so super excited when they woke up on Thursday and saw her. We got up and around and headed to the pool. Wyatt was so excited to show her his pool and all his skills.

After the pool we headed to Sonic for half-price cones and lunch. Which was followed by naps, lots of cuddles, outside time, and a dance party! 

Friday morning we did our morning chores, watering flowers and playing outside. We found a turtle and Stella was quickly obsessed. She kept patting it on the shell and laying flowers next to it. No turtles were harmed, I moved it to safety before she realized it was gone.

We then headed to the store, and came home in time for lunch and naps.
Friday night finally came and my cousins arrived, along with Pop, and my Aunt Becky! None of them have ever been to our house and we hadn't seen them since Christmas...we were a little excited!!

Saturday was all about family time. We watched bubbles (nothing says redneck bubble blower like using an air compressor), enjoyed lots of chit-chat, cuddled and read books, Wyatt had a ride in the Jeep with Pop, and we all just enjoyed some family time.

On Sunday Sean surprised us with Zootopia, so we enjoyed a family movie before everyone had to leave town. We then had to say some sad goodbyes. We had such a great weekend and really can't wait until we see everyone again!

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