Thursday Confessions

Thursday, June 23, 2016

I really needed to get these confessions out in the open, so thanks for listening. I feel better. 

Sparkles and Lattes

{one} I've been known to threaten Wyatt with a shower of cold water if he doesn't get out of the tub at night. It works.

{two} I may have just realized that oatmeal is so much better when you pour the hot water over it, rather than microwaving. No judging please.

{three} I got Wyatt out of bed to see the lightning bugs the other night. I kindof regretted it when he was still awake at 9:30.

{four} I have a love/hate relationship with going to the pool. I love that it wears the kids out and they have fun, but it is so exhausting. Loading up, unloading, playing/entertaining, loading up again, unloading again. Would definitely be a lot easier if we just had our own pool. Right, babe??

{five} I really want to see Finding Dory but really don't want to take the kids. We took Wyatt to see Roadchip and it was a disaster. We had to walk out. Guess I'll just wait for it to come out on Redbox.

{six} Wyatt has started saying:
"Oh! Right, right, right" 
"Oh, my gosh!"
"Yea, I know. I know, I know, I know."
Like a complete valley girl boy, and it's hysterical.

{seven} Also, if you haven' t seen the new So You Think You Can Dance, you need to. It's all kids and Wyatt is obsessed. He watches and tries to mimic their moves. So cute.

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