Summer Bucket List || Visit Museum

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Our Father's Day weekend was not typical for us. I know I discussed it some on Friday, but Sean worked worked night shift (2-midnight) on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. It threw us off our game a bit, and really wiped us out. But, that didn't stop us from celebrating our number one guy.

A couple weeks ago I took the kids to the Arkansas Museum of Natural Resources. It's about 15 minutes from our house, in the middle of nowhere. Turns out it's also free, and really pretty neat. Sean was a bit jealous when he found out how cool it was so we made plans to visit on Saturday morning. Call it our Father's Day celebration.

The kids had a great time showing daddy around, and making sure he didn't have a chance to read about anything. They have a really great tinkering area for kids that Wyatt didn't get to experience the first time we were there. He had a great time creating and coloring.

I see many visits for us this summer, and beyond. You really can't beat free, air conditioned entertainment.
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