Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

 Wyatt turned three just over a month ago and these gifts have been major hits at our house. If you're in the market for some new toys for your toddler, or know a toddler who has a birthday coming up, here are some fun ideas!

Shirts | These shirts are on repeat in our house right now. Wyatt definitely knows what he likes and these are it.
Basketball Goal | This goal has been in every room of our house since Wyatt received it. He and Stella both love it, as do Mama and Daddy.
Let's Go Fishin' | This is our first "board game" and Wyatt is a fan! I love that it's something he can also do solo. We'll definitely be adding some more games to our collection very soon!
Camera | Wyatt is really into taking pictures. I have no idea where he gets that, ha! This is a great durable camera that he can take everywhere. Obviously they aren't really great quality, but he doesn't really care about that right now. 
Water Guns | With the weather finally warming up we're outside playing in the water hose a lot. The water guns are super easy for him to use and we like that there's one for each child. 

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