{FIVE} Favorite Moments of the Past Two Weeks

Friday, June 17, 2016

It has been nearly a month since I've participated in the Friday link-ups!! How can that be?? We've just been so busy, and the past two weeks have definitely not slowed down. This past week Sean was out of town one night, we had VBS every night from 5-7:30, and Sean is working the second shift all weekend. Anywho, here's a bit of fun that we've been up to!

Last week we were able to enjoy some park time. It was hot, but not as hot as it's been this week. Thankfully we have one park that stays pretty shaded for most the morning, otherwise we'd never be at the park. 

We had Vacation Bible School this week. It was Wyatt's first year to actually participate and he did not hate it. At all. I taught science for all the different age groups and was completely exhausted. Stella really enjoyed her time with Ms. Martha in the nursery too, and she did some adorable crafts.

Last Thursday the kids and I had big plans to go to a butterfly demonstration at a local museum. That was until we got there. We walked into a conference room filled with 3rd-5th graders, and maybe a few kindergartners. I decided it'd probably be best if we stepped out, since both kids were already ready to run around. But we discovered that the Arkansas Museum of Natural Resources is not only free, but really cool! We will definitely be going back. Daddy was jealous he missed out.

We've been trying to walk at night, even in the crazy heat and humidity. To try and keep it quick and moving we have the kids ride in the 'gator'. One night we were making our rounds and Wyatt had to stop and get pictures of the squirrels running around. I have no idea where he gets his knack for photography.

Thank goodness for the pool! It's pretty much the only way we survive in the summer. Wyatt is doing great, and is jumping off the diving board the entire time we're there. We usually spend 1.5-2 hours there every morning, and it's really helping Stella warm up to the water. The first day we went she pretty much cried the whole time.  It's getting better, though!

 I'm patiently counting down the nights until we're all back together for dinners again. Hope everyone has a great weekend! And try to stay cool!

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